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Scottish Highlands

Fast Facts

  • Location:Scottish Highlands
  • Location: The upper half of Scotland.
  • Attraction Type: Mountainous region
  • Significance: Breathtaking natural beauty meets folklore and history.
  • Best time to Visit: Summer as there are more things to do at this time of year. The day can be 20hours long in June!
  • Visiting Hours: Anytime.
  • How to Reach: This is a large region. Getting to the highlands from Glasgow in the lowlands by road is easy - just follow A82. Other roads are A9(from Stirling)or the A96( from Aberdeen). Train service exists from Glasgow, Edinburgh to Inverness. Air service from London(Gatwick) to Inverness. Ferry services are also available at Skye and Scrabster,Gills bay,etc. Getting around the highlands can be done by car rentals or through car hire companies. Make Inverness your base for ease of going around.
  • Nearest Airport: Inverness Airport.
Be it the breathtaking scenery, the castles,the ancient monuments or just the mellow Scotch whiskey, the Scottish Highlands are an experience that you cannot afford to miss. Steeped in folklore and the traditional Scottish way of life, the "Ghí idhealtachd” is a place where history and geography combine to form the best holidays.

The picturesque lochs or lakes and waterfalls invite you to appreciate their still beauty. Some have history associated with it, like Loch Lomond, the birthplace of a popular spirit. Still others have been associated with myths, like Loch Ness. The highlands come alive in spring when flowers an wildlife seem to be everywhere for you to appreciate. Highlands offer one of the best golf courses in the world. If you are not an avid golfer, tennis, squash and a variety of sports can be played. Winters at Glencoe and Nevis Range invite you to go skiing. If history is what excites you, the prehistoric relics at Caithness and East Sutherland will take you to 3rd millennium B.C. Castles steeped in history dating back to the 14th century stand in picturesque settings. Come to the highlands with time in your hands. This is a holiday that you cannot do justice in just a few days.

Things to Do at the Scottish Highlands

There are a host of activities to do if you are the adventurous sort. These are some of the sports on offer -
  • Skiing in winter at Cairngorm,Nevis Range and Glencoe
  • Golfing and cycling
  • Angling at the various lakes in the region
  • Sled Dog Sleighing If outdoor activities are not what you looking for, the castles will keep you occupied for a long time. From 14th century fortresses to 19th century mansions, they offer an architectural delight second to none.

    Other Activities:

    Appreciate the beauty of flowers, greenery at the rolling valleys or just sip on the mellow Loch Lomond whiskey. Museums that showcase the unique Gaelic history or steam trains that hark back to a different era are there to transport you into an experience which is almost dream like. White water rafting along the rapids or gazing at the peaks through binoculars from wooden outhouses, there is something everyone. One of the most beautiful pictures that you can behold in the highlands are its gardens. The one at Kerrachar literally melts your heart. Whether it is your heart that melts or the snow at the peaks on the highlands, the experience will most certainly do wonders for your mental fitness and physical health.


    Staying arrangement of every type can be found. Some even allow pets and smoking. Prefer Bread and Breakfast inns as they offer a unique combination of affordability and being close to nature. Some examples are listed below -
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