Fast Facts

  • Location: The journey starts from Edinburgh in Scotland.
  • Attraction Type: Train journey.
  • Significance: It is among the greatest rail journeys in the world.
  • Best Time to visit: April to October.
  • How to Reach: If you are coming down by air, you need to land at Edinburgh
  • International Airport. You can also reach Edinburgh by train or bus from many parts of the UK.
  • Nearest Airport: Edinburgh International Airport (EDI).

It is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life as you travel through the ever-changing landscapes of an amazing panorama, towering peaks, wild countryside, sweeping glens and tranquil stretches of coasts on wheels. The Royal Scotsman can take you to the world that you only can dream of. It is among the greatest rail journeys in the world. A luxury charter train and an effort from Orient-Express Hotels Ltd, The Royal Scotsman is probably the best way to explore the beauty of Scotland.

The Royal Scotsman, consisting of nine cars including 5 state cars, 2 dining cars, 1 crew car, and 1 observation car, runs by a diesel locomotive from the West Coast Railway Company. The amazingly sumptuous train, you will simply be spoiled on the lap of luxury as it takes you straight to the heart of the Highlands and keeps satisfying your palate with the freshest and the finest of the dishes.

On the Train
The Royal Scotsman is full of luxury. The 5 state cars, 2 dining cars, and the observation car — all come with plush decoration. There are twin as well as single state cabins in the train, built to provide passengers the best of the comforts to enjoy the amazing panoramic beauty of the country. Each cabin has its own bathroom with running hot water, shower, washbasin, towels, toilet, and toiletries. Cabins also offer dressing table, hairdryer, cooling ceiling fans, wardrobe, etc.

The dining facilities available at The Royal Scotsman are simply mind-blowing. ‘Victory’ and ‘Raven’ are the two splendid dining cars of the Royal Scotsman with a seating capacity of 16 and 20 peoples respectively. Formal as well as informal dinners are offered during your journey.

One of the most popular cars of the Royal Scotsman is the Observation car. It offers the perfect backdrop to make you delighted and in turn, make your trip a truly memorable one.

Types of Journey:
There can be various types of the journey including Highland (2 nights), Western (3 nights), Classic (4 nights), Grand West Highland (5 nights) and Grand North Western (7 nights). The train runs between April and October.

The Royal Scotsman departs from Edinburgh, so, while going for that journey, you need to stay at Edinburgh. In Edinburgh, there are plenty of hotels to stay in. Some of the hotels in Edinburgh can be listed as below:

The Balmoral
1 Princes Street
Edinburgh EH2 2EQ
Tel: +44-131-556-2414
Fax: +44-131-557-3747

Ten Hill Place Hotel
10 Hill Place
Tel: +44-131-662-2080
Fax: +44-131-662-2082

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