Fast Facts

  • Location: Central and Southeastern Europe.
  • Capital: Belgrade.
  • Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD).
  • Language: Serbian, Hungarian, and Romany.
  • Best time to Visit: Between late Spring and early Autumn.
  • Time Zone: UTC+1.
  • Calling Code: +381
  • Major Airports: Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG), Niš Constantine the Great Airport (INI) and Priština International Airport (PRN).

Officially known as the Republic of Serbia, the country is located in the central and southeastern parts of Europe. It covers the central part of the Balkans and the southern part of the Pannonian Plain, which makes the must see Serbia places exceptionally diverse as far as natural wonders are concerned. Situated amidst Bulgaria and Romania to its east, Hungary to its north, Montenegro, Herzegovina, Bosnia and Croatia to its west and Albania and the Republic of Macedonia to its south, the country welcomes you to a world with wonderful panoramic scenery, cultural and historical monuments, fishing areas, hunting grounds and curative spas. Furthermore, if you are visiting the must see places in Serbia don’t forget to hop into the hunting grounds of the country that are awesome for any traveler.

‘Wondrous’ is the word that best describes Serbia. If you are tired of exploring the typical flora and fauna of the forests, the tranquil countrysides then the must see places in Serbia are spots you should consider visiting. The traditional touch of the cities added to the lustful party nights make Serbia an amazing mixture of modernism and ethnicity. To discover the quintessential Serbian aura, visit the capital city Belgrade to figure out the profound beauty of the architectures in this city. If you have plans to visit this city, don’t miss the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Sava, one of the most renowned Orthodox churches in the country. Other than the spectacular semblance of this church, you can even wander around the lush green lawns and gaze at the architectural marvels around it.

If you are a true art lover, then the country has various artistic relics as well. The Visoki Decani is one such example that has earned the designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Serbia. The plethora of paintings made by distinguished artists from different parts of the world, Visoki Decani in Kosovo is known for paintings like Lord Christ carrying the cross, the House of Nemanjesic and the Marriage at Cana. Apart from this, the Mileseva Monastery and the Studenica Monastery are notable must see places in Serbia. Of the two, the grandeur and beauty of the later are worthy to be admired and deserves a visit. Being a World Heritage Site, the Studenica Monastery stores beautiful paintings on the Crucification and the King’s Church Model. To further fathom the complex art, craft, and culture of Serbia, save some time to study the artworks in the Museum of Contemporary Art at Novi Beograd. Romania.

The actual charm of Serbia can be only grasped when you visit the suburbs of the country and walk closer to nature. The enchanting terrains of the Stara Planina, also known as the Balkan Mountain Range is like a neverland from a fairytale. The gruesome gorges and the dramatic passes have a different attractiveness of their own. Don’t forget to click a picture or two, when you see the Rish Pass, the Beklemeto Pass, and the Luda kamchiya Gorge. A notable must see Serbia destinations, Stara Planina gets further romantic because of the green forests of the Shipka Peak, the Balgarka Peak and the Vezhaen Peak behind it. You can even take a tour of the pristine forests of the Rara Mountains, the Vrsac Mountains and the majestic Sar Mountains in the Balkans. The pellucid lake waters of the Lake Ludas is what you should never miss.

Serbia has a varied climate as the northern part of the country has a continental climate with hot & humid summers and cold winters, whereas the southern part experiences an Adriatic climate with hot & dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall.


Air: Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG) is the main airport of Serbia where flights from all the major European airlines come down regularly. You can also fly down to other airports like Niš Constantine the Great Airport (INI) and Priština International Airport (PRN).

Train: A number of trains are available from several international destinations to Serbia. You can reach Serbia from various places like Budapest, Vienna, Sofia, and Bucarest. You can also come down from Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Bus: Buses are available from Vienna and Hungary. You can also travel to various destinations within the country by bus.

List of must see places in Serbia:

  • Belgrade
  • Cathedral of Saint Sava
  • The Visoki Decani in Kosovo
  • Mileva Monastery
  • Studenica Monastery
  • Museum of Contemporary Art at Novi Beograd
  • Stara Planina
  • Rara Mountains
  • Vrsac Mountains
  • Sar Mountains
  • Lake Ludas

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