Fast Facts

  • Location: Central Europe.
  • Capital: Bratislava.
  • Currency: Euro.
  • Language: Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, and Ukrainian.
  • Best time to Visit: May to September.
  • Time Zone: UTC+1.
  • Calling Code: +421
  • Major Airports: M. R. Stefanik Airport (BTS) in Bratislava, Kosice International Airport (KSC), Piestany Airport (PZY), Poprad-Tatry Airport (TAT), and Sliac Airport Zilina Airport (ILZ).

A wonderful country with Gothic and Baroque towns, rich folk architectures and traditions, wonderful castles and caves, the must see Slovakia destinations are truly a travelers’ paradise. With the breath-taking beauty of nature and the rich cultural heritage, a country is indeed a beautiful place to know more about history as well as enjoy the stunning terrains and pleasant weather. Once a part of Czechoslovakia, today it is an independent sovereign state that has become a major tourist spot throughout the world for its natural wonders as well as a vast history and culture. With the beautiful mountains, the dense forests of the national parks and the majestic castles, the must see places in Slovakia are brilliant locations for sightseeing.

A country with awesome vistas, Slovakia is a place where you can find something interesting after every mile or a half. Start off with the most popular ones first. So far the Slovensky Raj – Slovak Paradise is on the top of all-natural wonders in the country. Since the park is not frequently visited, it makes it all the more pure and untouched. The picturesque prospects of the park amidst the arduous terrains of the rocky mountains makes the entire scenery dramatic. It almost looks like a fairyland with rivers narrowing down through the corners of the rocks, the overgrown forest, and the perilous wooden bridges. The park, which is one of the must see places in Slovakia also has The Dobinska Ice cave, which is remarkable for its ice decorations. The place is devoid of tourist resorts and luxurious hotels. So make sure you carry your sleeping bags and a tent. Other places like the Klastorisko, a medieval monastery is located right at the heart of the park. Get awed by the exquisite artistry of the Spassky Hrad, the largest medieval castle in Europe, situated near to Slovak paradise. Also take a glance at the Gothic and Renaissance architectures at the royal town, Avocado.

After a thrilling night-stay amidst the darkness of the Slovac Paradise, now you can move to the next natural park that is located on the top of the highest mountain of Slovak. Covered with sprawling ice flakes that partially conceals the hard and rocky mountainous terrain, the High Tatras National Park indeed deserves to fall under must see Slovakia tourist spots. Though not a preferable spot for tourists during winters, the park is at its natural masterpiece during summers. In the vicinity of the park, you can spot the small Liptov village with ethnic Slovakian touch and folk architecture.

Coming to the architectures and the historical remnants of the country, the spectacular Spis Castle and Levoca Alter are well known for their historical significance. Driving you to complete fantasy land, the Bojnice Castle is one of the most visited tourist spots in Slovakia. With a fascinating architecture that reminds you about the French castle in Loira River, Bojnice looks stunning when seen through the zoo that is located within the castle premises. The colorful flora of the zoo is what makes it a must see Slovakia natural attraction. Museums like Slovak National Museum, SNP Museum, Slovak Philharmonic, etc showcase the musical, cultural and traditional history of the country. With numerous thermal springs, caves, renowned spas and precious metals, Slovakia will be even more fascinating for you. To find out time to visit the Thermal Park of Besenova, the AquaPark at Tatralandia and The Aqua-City in Poprad to discover the harmony between body and soul.

Slovakia has continental climate with mild summer and winter. Though a small country, Slovakia experiences varied climate with a striking contrast between the mountainous north and the plain south. Bratislava and the southern part of Slovakia are the warmest regions of the country where the summer temperature may rise up to 30oC. On the other hand, the summer temperature at northern Slovakia reaches up to 25oC. Bratislava has a mild winter, but winters are severe in the mountains. The mountains remain covered by snow whole winter till March or even April and the temperatures many go down to -20oC.


Air: M. R. Stefanik Airport (BTS) in Bratislava, Kosice International Airport (KSC), Piestany Airport (PZY), Poprad-Tatry Airport (TAT), and Sliac Airport Zilina Airport (ILZ) is international airports of Slovakia. Flights are available from various European destinations.

Train: It is the best option to travel across the country as Slovakia has an extensive rail network.

List of must see places in Slovakia:

  • Slovensky Raj – Slovak Paradise
  • Klastorisko
  • Spissky Hrad
  • Levocao.
  • High Tatras National Park
  • Liptov village
  • Spis Castle and Levoca Alter
  • Bojnice Castle
  • Slovak National Museum
  • SNP Museum
  • Slovak Philharmonic
  • Thermal Park of Besenova
  • AquaPark at Tatralandia
  • The Aqua-City in Poprad

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