Fast Facts

  • Location: In the region of High Tatras on Slovakia-Poland border
  • Best time to Visit: It can be visited all through the year, but winter is the best, at the same time it is also very busy with the skiers.
  • Preferred Timing: During day time.
  • How to reach:
    The nearest airport is Poprad-Tatry Airport (TAT). You can find scheduled and charter flights to this destination, but not at a large number. If you are coming down from abroad, you may need to use Milan Rastislav Å tefí¡nik Airport (BTS), also known as Bratislava Airport, located in Bratislava. Several airlines including Aeroflot, Air Slovakia, Czech Airlines, Ryanair and SkyEurope ply regular flights to a number of destinations throughout the world from here.
    The best possible way to reach Slovakia from the west is via Vienna, in Austria. You can reach Bratislava in 50 to 70 minutes. One can also find trains from Slovakia to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine. In order to go to the Tatras, you need to come down to the Poprad train station. Trains are available to Poprad from all the major destinations of Slovakia.
  • Bus:
    Regular bus services are also available to Poprad from all the major destinations of the country.
  • Nearest International Airport: Poprad-Tatry Airport (TAT)
  • Nearest railway station: Poprad

‘A National Park but surely with lot more dimensions’ — it is exactly what one can describe the National Park of High Tatras in Slovakia. Completely different from most of the other national parks in the world where one can find various animals in hectors of dense forest on plain land, the High Tatras National Park does have a variety of wild animals, but in a different environment of mountain-forest. High Tatras is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1993.

The high Tatras, sometimes also called High Tatra, are a famous mountain range on the Slovakia-Poland border. With its 11 peaks, High Tatras are the only mountain ranges in the Carpathian Mountains with an alpine character. Majority of its higher peaks, including 2,655-meter high Gerlachovskí½ ští­t, the highest peak of High Tatras, are located in Slovakia. Due to its unique feature, a number of rare and endemic animal and plant species can be fount in the National Park of the High Tatras which include bear, Eurasian Lynx, marten, wolf, and fox, etc.

The High Tatras region is also known for winter sports and travelers will find a number of popular ski resorts including Å trbskíé Pleso, Starí½ Smokovec and Tatranskí¡ Lomnica in Slovakia and Zakopane in Poland. Visiting National Park of High Tatras

The National Park of High Tatras is full of scenic beauty and excitements. Along with the scintillating mountain peaks, there are also a number of lakes, waterfalls, and caves that enhances the appeal of the national park. It is one of the popular destinations for general tourists in all seasons, and for climber, hikers and winter sports lovers during the winter.

The most popular peak of all the High Tatras peaks is the Lomnicky Peak, situated at a height of 2,634 meters. Visit the meteorological station, and if your luck permits, you can see an amazing panoramic view of large part of Slovakia on a sunny day. A cable car journey from Tatranska Lomnica to the summit will be one of the most memorable experiences in a lifetime for many travelers. It has a carrying capacity of 15 persons. Those who love trekking can climb up to Gerlachovsky with an experienced mountain guide.

Lakes are also a major attraction of the National Park of High Tatras. Visit Lake Vel’ke Hincovo, the largest and the deepest lake of the High Tatras, located at the end of Mengusovska Dolina — the popular valley. The valley of Malí¡ Studení¡ Dolina should not be missed as well. You can reach there either from Lake Skalnatíé or from Hrebienok.

The High Tatras National Park is also known for some wonderful waterfalls that add more color to the beauty of the park. The most popular of those is the Vodopí¡dy Studeníého Potoka, located in Malí¡ Studení¡ Dolina and VeI’kí¡ Studení¡ Dolina. You can reach there from Tatranska Lomnica. You can also visit some other waterfalls such as Obrovsky Vodopí¡d, Maly Vodopí¡d, VeI’ky Vodopí¡d, and Dlhy Vodopad.

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