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Spis Castle

Fast Facts

  • Location: In south west region of Preskovsky province in eastern Slovakia
  • Attraction Type: Medieval castle
  • Significance: A UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Best Time to Visit: May to October
  • Visiting Hours: May to September — 8:30 am to 7 pm; October — 8:30 am to 6 pm
  • How to Reach: By road from Levoca, Sibenik Pass, or Spisske Podharadie
  • Nearest Airport: Poprad, Kosice
Spis Castle dating back to 13th century is a representation of Gothic architecture in Slovak Republic. Standing on a cliff of nearly 2100 feet this imposing Spis Castle with its strong fortification was built to ward off Tartar attacks. Originally a Romanesque palace with a Romanesque chapel and Gothic tower it had its fortification wall constructed by Italian stonecutters in late 13th century. Spic Castle in Slovakia is a declared UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

This medieval castle with its ramparts, fortifications and dungeons is accessible from Spisske Podhradie or by car from Sibenik Pass or Levoca.

History of Spis Castle

Slovakia Spis Castle constructed as the political, economic, cultural and administrative center of Szepes County initially belonged to Hungarian kings. Thereafter it was successively owned by the Szapolyai, Thurzo and Csaky families. Two additions to the original castle were done in the 14h and 15th centuries. In the third phase the castle was completely rebuilt with higher walls, extra mural settlements, and a Gothic chapel. The Szapolyai family renovated the upper castle into a posh family residence built in typical Renaissance style. The last owners the Csakys deserted this castle as it seemed too uncomfortable for them.

In 1780 this castle was burnt down but later significantly restored by the Slovak government after 1970. The Spis Castle with its ruins, fortifications, underground prison and torture chamber is now converted to Spis Museum.

Activities at Spis

Drevenik National Reserve is an amazing place to go to after visiting Spis Castle. Its slate, dolomite, claystone, and limestone rock layers are stunning. Water erosion has created towers, caves, ravines, and bulwarks throughout Drevenik. Trekking from Spisske Podhradie to Spis is an invigorating exercise.

Eating and Staying at Spis

Levoca is the best place to stay for visiting Spis Castle in Slovakia. You might select among Hotel Satel Levoca, Hotel U Leva, Hotel Arkada, and Barbakan for staying. For your culinary needs visit eateries in Spisske Podhradhe or Levoca. U Richtara Restaurant in Spisske Podhradhe is famous for its meat preparations, sauces, and Turkish coffee. In Levoca, Slovenska Restauracia specializes in Eastern European cuisine, while Pizzeria is the best place to get your most desired pizza.


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