Fast Facts

  • Location: Northeastern region of the Catalonia autonomous region Spain
  • Attraction Type:Coastal Region
  • Significance: Tourist spot with a host of amenities
  • Best time to Visit: April to October
  • Visiting Hours: Anytime
  • How to Reach: The Costa Brava airport is connected with other parts of Spain (like Barcelona) quite well. Spain’s national train service, Renfe, offers service to Girona station. Bus service from Barcelona to Costa Brava Pirineu de Gerona is quite popular. Car rentals can also be made. Nearest Airport: Girona Costa Brava airport

Located in the northeastern part of the Catalonia province of Spain, the Costa Brava region has been known for sun, sand, and wine since the days of Franco. Add to that a full-scale development of tourist amenities over the decades, and you have a perfect holiday destination. Whether it is a spa and wellness destination that you seek or the vast natural beauty of Banyoles Lake or Gavarres massif where you would like to lose yourself, the Costa Brava and the Girona region will not disappoint you. The parks and gardens at Pinya de Rosa botanical garden and other places are a tropical paradise. The volcanic Garrotxa region is a natural park as are 9 other spots. And if all else fails to help you relax, there is always the enchanting lure of around 195 beaches and coves that dot the island. From package tourist spots like the Lloret de Mar to personal coves like the Ametller Cove there is a wide variety of places where you can soak in the sun and sand.

Costa Brava is also known for being a center of art and culture. Ruins from the Greek and Roman era bear testimony to the rich heritage that the region has to offer. The Roman villa at Vilauba is an example. However, Costa Brava has been inhabited since even before—the Paleolithic times. The remains at Pla de l’Estany which are on display at the County Archaeological Museum of Banyoles are proof that the region has a rich history.

Things to Do in Costa Brava

There are simply too many things to do. Apart from spas and beaches and picturesque locations to make you feel good, this region also has a number of sports centers and fun places. You can go skiing in La Molina and five other ski resorts. The countryside at Girona has cycling, mountain biking, walking and hiking trails, hunting and fishing opportunities. Adventure sports, horse riding, kayaking and golf amenities are widely available. Water Sports activities are popular among tourists but it is really scuba diving opportunities which see the greatest number of tourists signing up. And with good reason, the clear waters near the region are a delight to go diving.

If you would like to have some fun, discos and dance clubs like the Discoteca La Sala del Cel offer you the opportunity to let your hair down. Casinos, shopping opportunities at malls and fairs and markets at the countryside give you the reason to spend some money. Theater and Concert halls which host some event round the year and water parks where you can make a splash make this a great holiday destination.

Activities in Costa Brava

If you are looking for a gastronomic delight, Costa Brava is the right place to come to. There is a wide variety of dishes that mirror the Mediterranean and Spanish influence. Special festivals rejoicing this variety of food are held at various places in the region. Saint Antoni’s fair is a case in point.

Accommodation at Costa Brava

The Costa Brava region has been a destination of package tourists since the 1960s. From hotels, apartments, youth hostels to rural accommodation, campsites where you can put your tent and houses in the mountains, there is a lot of choices.

Some of the hotels that are available are

1.Alp hotel

Av. Peu de Pistes, s/n – Masella
17538 Alp (Cerdanya)
Phone: (+34) 972 144 201

2. Apartaments Turí­stics Resort Alp 2500

Pz.Pista Llarga, s/n
17538 Alp(Cerdanya)
Phone: (+34) 972 892 727

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