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Location: Located in Balearic Islands autonomous community, 80 km off the coast of Spain.
Attraction Type: Island.
Significance: The third largest of the Balearic Islands autonomous community, densely covered with pine trees, amazing cove beaches, and high towering cliffs. It also has a vibrating nightlife.
Best time to Visit: April to August.
Visiting Hours: Anytime.
How to Reach: Coming down to Ibiza Airport by air is the easiest way to reach Ibiza. You can also reach in any of the three main ports of Ibiza, viz. Ibiza, Santa EulíFiria and Sant Antoni by ferry.
Nearest Airport: Ibiza Airport (IBZ).

If you’re in the mood to party hard on gorgeous beaches, you’ll want to schedule a trip to Ibiza right away. Part of the Balearic Islands, it is just 50 miles off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Long known as a destination for tremendous music and electric night clubs, there is plenty for you to do away from the thumping beats and flashing lights. Having been occupied for more than 27 centuries, you’ll find it a historic locale with beautiful beaches and scintillating nightlife.

Things to do at Ibiza Island:

Here’s what you’ll want to do when you arrive:

Horseback Ride

On the northern part of the island, much of the countryside retains the rustic character of the native grasslands. Several companies offer rides on the famous Spanish horses through the territory and down to the beach. The scenery is amazing, and the peaceful quality – especially from the cliffs – is second to none. If you want to make your excursion an all-day adventure (or longer), tours are available for up to seven days.

Relaxing Cruises A great way to get away from the party culture of the island is to book a day-long ride on one of the many catamarans that drift through the Mediterranean between Ibiza and her sister island of Formentera. You can tour hidden coves or find isolated beaches to soak up the sun without being surrounded by the crowds. Be aware, though, that some options are intended for those looking to take the wild nights out to sea. Ask questions to make sure you get what you intend.
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving With crystal blue waters and several shallow lagoons, you can find all sorts of brightly-colored fishes weaving through sunken ships and submerged buildings. The island has a created a governing body to ensure diving centers are protective of the natural seascape, particularly its famous dive caves. With abundant summer sunshine, you’re almost guaranteed to be swimming in a luminescent azure pool everywhere you go.

Visit D’Alt Vila Situated on a mountain high above Ibiza Town, this 15th-century castle is a must for all visitors. This museum-cum-lookout-point is perfect for history lovers and those hoping to catch stunning views of the bay below. Housing artifacts dating all the way back to Phoenician colonization in the 7th century BC. Climb the steep staircases and move through the galleries, the magnificent scene at the top is worth it.

Stretch Out on Cala D’Hort There’s no way you could visit Ibiza without going to the beach. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller with amazing scenery, then you have to find this inlet just south of the larger Cala Vadella. You will be able to see the uninhabited islands of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell jutting up from the Mediterranean just offshore, all while enjoying fresh seafood in one of two restaurants situated on the cliffs above. And if all that sun has got you feeling a bit warm, you can always walk straight out into the turquoise water for a refreshing swim.


You have plenty of options for accommodation in Ibiza. Some of them are as below:

Royal Plaza
C/ Pedro Francíés, 27-29 — Eivissa
Tel: +971-313-711

Ps. Vara de Rey, 2 — Eivissa
Tel: +971-310-161

Los Molinos
C/ Ramon Muntaner, 58-60 — Eivissa
Tel: +971-302-250

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