Madrid in Spain — by far one of the most versatile tourist destinations in the world — is worth the heed, if art, architecture, overflowing pubs and voluptuous nightlife is your desired foray. Well, if it is the must-see Madrid sites, then obviously, there is much to the city than just history and glitter. The ethnic pathways, vacuous gardens amidst ever-enchanting architectures, and the vibrant pubs — that flicker even at day – are more than just you wish for, while on a joyous holiday. Walk by the street, watch young women strolling with their hubbies – a powerful contrast to the morning traffic din – creates the perfect metro magic. And, if the imposing architectures – obvious must-see places in Madrid – lined across the city streets aren’t titillating excitements, then you will surely get your share of fun and charm at the market places bounty with essential brands, lip-smacking food served by posh restaurants, and plush malls dazzling all day. Next, the magnificent sculptures — that seems to welcome you to a different era — posed in museum entrances and cobbled footpaths, are sure to be restored in your camera.

The iconic architectural must-see Madrid site – very much idyllic to the quaint traditions of the city — portrays the ever-fascinating cultural flamboyance here. Step back to the ancient ages, to the times when Muhammad I of Cordoba – who made the first architectural landmark in the city – and you can realize the gush of art flourishing in the city since then. Impressive stuff though – that even the remotest places of the city are draped with beauteous city prospects, enhanced by masterpiece artistry. For fun, or expose yourself to bump on your favorite soccer stars celebrating a tournament-winning party, the Plaza de Cibeles is a must-stop site you would never want to miss. Other than fun, a historic fountain at the Palacio de Comunicaciones — now Madrid Hall — the place is best to submerge into the glorious past and art-culture of the city/country.

Next, grope into the heritage sites of Madrid, to the Royal Palace of Madrid — one of the must-see places in Madrid — to gaze at the fabulous artistic mastery of the structure. Best of all, the palace — which is the official residence of the Spanish monarch — is stretched over vast area, constituting as many as 2800 rooms. While all are not open to tourists, the gala dining hall, the glamorous throne room and the Hall of Columns are best for enthusiastic visitors. Madrid is galore with spectacular artwork — may it be modern or ancient. In this context, the brilliant Teatro Real — a premier opera house in the city — or the voluminous Plaza Mayor, with one of the best ornate architectures in Europe, are also must-sees.

And, if you are all exhausted with art-gazing, take a walk along with the succulent lawns, boat in the placid lake, or enjoy a theater or festival at the Parque del Buen Retiro — one of the must-see Madrid sites. If still on for some more Spanish art, then here is your chance to gape and contemplate at the exquisite art collections at the museums and galleries in the city. The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is one of those, which every travel-freak never desires a miss. Obviously, it is not only the flashy interiors or the creatively made exterior semblance, but the varied collections within that unfold a thousand stories on Spanish culture and history. Practically, limitless collections of Impressionists, Expressionists and 20th-century artworks form the basis of this museum. Walk further interior in the abyss of history. Pay a visit to the Biblioteca Nacional de Espaa — a must place to see in Madrid – and behold outstanding architectures, interior decor, and historical works. Not quite attractive to the eye for any passer-by, the library would obviously be eye-catchy for the ethnic touch and the magnificently made sculptures posed on stone podiums. Not deserving ignorance, the extravagant modern art collection at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofa and the plethora of artworks from the 12th century to 19th century — including adroit arts of Velazquez, Goya, Titian and many more.

After the joyous vacation is nearing end and sightseeing is almost complete, time to check out the actual national pulse of Spain — only obtained in the must-see places in Madrid, the capital. The bull being the national symbol of Spain is subject to great respect and varied activities. And, though Tauromachy is often encircled with controversies, yet, the legendary festival at the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas is indeed worth a visit by all. So, get set and go. The aura of Spain awaits you.

List of must see Madrid sightseeings:

  • Plaza de Cilebes
  • Plaza de Toros de las Ventas
  • Museo Nacional Centro de Aete Reina Sofa
  • Biblioteca Nacional de Espaa
  • Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
  • Parque del Buen Retiro
  • Teatro Real
  • Royal Palace of Madrid
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Madrid Hall
  • Museo del Prado

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