It is the cool Mediterranean beaches, the enchanting sea horizon and more than a thousand art legacies sprinkled all over that grips you when you first visit Barcelona. And, if it is the must-see Barcelona sites, all you care for, then obviously a tough proposition to decide, for anyone on a short trip. But, except the Spanish milieu – evident at every corner of the city – Barcelona is otherwise also a historical pride of the country, worthy to be explored with impartial enthusiasm. Or, if the art heritages are the ones you frequently watch-out on tours — but wish to stretch to newer trip horizons — then dabble those authentic delicacies or just lazy around yellow beaches, or if over-excited, gape at stark skyscrapers and innovative motorway networks entwined all through the city-scape. And, the sublime beauty of the surrounding with dramatic beaches and calm woodlands that gradually fades amidst the spark of the city lights, forms a contrasting blend of serenity and the metro humdrum. For anyone, wishing to hop around the must-see places in Barcelona – don’t forget – there are myriads waiting to be explored outside the thriving glamor and glitz of the city.

For all the globe trotters and one-timer oldies — visiting Barcelona for the first time — it is more than just fun or excitement. If you are one of those, permanently in love with art, literature, and history, then kudos the museums and the heritage sites that add to the artistic decor of the city. Boasting of massive gazer-attention, the La Sagrada Familia — a master church designed by the renowned Antoni Gaudi — still holds on to the plausible cause for deserving to be a part of must-see Barcelona sites. For the families, plan well in advance to drop-by this behemoth, for you may just have to struggle hard amidst the crowd to get a glimpse of the design. If curious — the kids or the explorers in particular — Montserrat, a hill on the outskirts of the city is a beautiful place to tarry, to cherish the natural vistas and a piquant glance of the suburban excellence.

Next, be sure to gleam at one of the most happening must-see places in Barcelona — Camp Nou. While it won’t take much time to guess the flourishing glamor of the site, you can always take a couple of hours to perceive the vibe of the city, right here at Camp Nou. Abode to the FC Barcelona team, the place is considered almost heaven — a religious place to be precise — for the Spaniards, who collectively take responsibility and own the stadium. And if on tour during the sporting seasons, don’t miss a chance to check out the frantic crowd going all ‘ga-ga’ over sportsmen — often ‘sporting goods’. Further, get drenched into art-spell. Practically, overflowing with art edifices or historic souvenirs, Barcelona — according to many — is the center-point for Roman architectures and art exhibits. For instance, the Miro Museum is one of the best tourist destinations in Barcelona. The surrealistic artistry of artist Miro and the sculptures and paintings are a major attraction in the city. And, for those with a fetish for chocolate, can always drop by the Museu de la Xocolata to delve into the history of chocolates, chocolate processing as well as the story of Xocoatl. For some unusual experience in the city, behold the most stand-out piece of art at the Dali Theater and Museum with endless Dali (an artist) art exhibits within, and eggs perched on the edges of the museum building.

Shopping! Are you forgetting? Not a worthy option to do so, even if you are on a packed travel schedule. Get over the suburban trance or the mesmeric art showcases, cause it’s time for some palpable city vagabonding to taste the artificial air amidst glittering pubs and restaurants, or walk past lit-up shops fringed along city by-lanes. Intrude — if you dare to — in the heart of the over-priced plush markets. If not game for shopping, surely the markets are amongst the must-see Barcelona destinations. Or visit Mercentic, an indoor flea market bounteous with local brands and hand-made artworks prepared by artists live – right in front of you. Next, be prepared to salivate or feel the tremors in your tummy, after you have penetrated the aromatic food market — Mercat de la Boqueria — filled with wines, fish preparations, authentic Spanish delicacies and many more.

So, there you go! Venture the indelible secrecy of Barcelona, to discover its history, art, and culture, stunning vistas as well as your favored food yet to be savored.

List of must-see Barcelona sightseeings:

  • Mercat de la Boquetia
  • Mercentic
  • Museu de la Xocolata
  • Miro Museum
  • Camp Nou
  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Dali Theater and Museum
  • Montserrat
  • L’Aquarium de Barcelona
  • Spanish Village
  • La Pedrera
  • Barcelona Zoo
  • National Museum of Art at Catalunya
  • The Magic Fountain of Montjuic
  • Las Rambas

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