Fast Facts  

  • Location: In East Mediterranean Sea west of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, north of Egypt, and south of Turkey
  • Country Capital: Nicosia
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time Zone: EET (UTC + 2), EEST (UTC + 3)
  • ISD Code: 357
  • Best time to Visit: All through the year
  • International Airports: Larnaka, Pafos, and Ercan

Cyprus is an all year island where cultures of three continents converge. This ‘island of Aphrodite’ in the Eastern Mediterranean has its own unique culture, a combination of Asian, European, and African traits. As for the must-see Cyprus destinations, this Mediterranean island constitutes enthralling beaches, terrific mountain trails, gorgeous golf courses, and tempting recipes. The uniqueness of this country is further enhanced by the presence of archaeological traces. The exclusive castle architectures, the exotic surrounding and the glittering market places with glamorous nightlife are all must-see places in Cyprus. In fact, your visit to this incredible country will open up multiple entertainment avenues starting from natural sightseeings, architectural masterpieces to the vibrant cities.

The exciting island country of Cyprus is often considered to be a favorite spot for the oldies, who wish to relax after 25 years of rigorous struggle and hard work. Your visit to this awesome land with beauty, glamor and boundless energy will surely allure your mind for a second trip. Lefkosia, the capital and one of the must-see Cyprus cities, has unique charm and amazement in store for you. The curious mix of modernity and traditionalism are what make the city more enticing for tourists. You can experience the ever-active posh areas of the city to enjoy parting in restaurants, grooving in the night clubs and enjoy the scenic beauty. Whereas, the older part of the city is still under renovations and welcomes you with architectural marvels and a historical ambiance with 16th-century buildings, pavements, and cafes. The Cyprus Archaeological Museum, The Byzantine Museum and Gallery, The Ethnographic Museum or Folk Art Museum, St. John’s Cathedral, The Old City’s Venetian Walls, and Ancient Tamassos are some of the common sightseeing in the city.

Yet another must-see place in Cyprus is Pafos, a city that unwinds the true vigor and essence of the country. Thousands of tourists flock in this city to get a glimpse of the renowned cultural and traditional testimonies like Pafos District Archaeological Museum, Ayia Solomoni Church, Pafos Odeon, Pafos Castle, Panayia Limeniotissa Basilica, Panayia Chrysopolitissa Church and Byzantine Basilica.

As a first time visitor, you can also further explore the artifacts of Cyprus at Kition, an ancient Larnaka in the country, which is a major must-see Cyprus tourist spot. The Larkana displays the mastery of the craftsmen of the Bronze Age. Dotted with various temples and architectural ruins of the Bronze age, it is a must-see place in Cyprus. The renowned fort, Kolossi Castoe can also be a preferred destination if you have a real passion to know the historical evidence of the country. The castles are home to some of the greatest armors, weapons and military equipment during the time of the Crusades. The house of the Dionysos, a famous Roman Villa in Cyprus, and the most talked-about architectural stock of the Cyprus Museum are other two well-known places that you can visit to venture deeper into the history of Cyprus.

Though the country is not notably famed for its natural reserves, yet you can avail quite a number of scope for bird watching, trekking and view the most uncommon species of flowers. Being an island with picturesque savannas and landscapes, it attracts vast varieties of migratory birds from all parts of the globe. The rugged hilly terrains that produce the perfect surrounding for tourists to go for long trekking and forest expeditions are home to rare species of flowers like asphodels, anemones, and marigolds. All in one, the must-see places in Cyprus are marvelous for a vacation trip.

Time to Visit Cyprus

Whenever you are in Cyprus there are enough activities to keep you entertained and occupied. October to May covering autumn, winter and spring is the time for hiking and exploring this island. Whether cycling in the Karpas or hiking along Troodos Massif, the months of October and April are ideal. You could also ski in the snowy slopes of Troodos Massif or Mount Olympus from early January to the middle of March. If you love the clear blue seas and white sandy beaches then June to September is the perfect period. Agia Napa, Lemesos, Pafos, and Famagusta are the happening sea coast destinations renowned for their daytime water activities and evening revelry.

Traveling to and within Cyprus

Cyprus is best accessible by air from cities of Europe and Middle East countries. Larnaka or ‘Lamaca’ is the main international airport of this island country operating flights to major world destinations. The other international airports are Pafos in the west and Ercan near Kyrenia in the north. Cyprus can also be reached by sea from Turkey.

Within Cyprus buses and cars are the main modes of transport within Cyprus. For shorter distances, bicycles and motorcycles are also available.

List of must see places in Cyprus:

  • Lefkosia
  • Cyprus Archaeological Museum
  • The Byzantine Museum and Gallery
  • The Ethnographic Museum or Folk Art Museum
  • St. John’s Cathedral
  • The Old City’s Venetian Walls
  • Ancient Tamassos
  • Pafos
  • Pafos District Archaeological Museum
  • Ayia Solomoni Church
  • Pafos Odeon
  • Pafos Castle
  • Panayia Limeniotissa Basilica
  • Panayia Chrysopolitissa Church
  • Byzantine Basilica
  • Kition
  • Kolossi Castoe
  • Dionysoso
  • Cyprus Museum
  • Wildlife in Cyprus

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