Fast Facts

  • Location: Center of the Salamanca city, Spain
  • Attraction Type: Plaza
  • Significance: One of the magnificent Plazas of Spain
  • Best Time To Visit: All year round
  • How To Reach: Salamanca can be reached from Madrid by Train from Chamartn train station and by bus from Plaza de Conde de Casal. After reaching Salamanca, take a cab to reach the plaza.
  • Nearest Airport: Barajes Airport in Madrid

Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor is one of the most prominent areas in Spain. After the sun sets, the plaza lights up and gives a golden glow. Walking around this famous plaza can actually help you discover the city offices among the cafes and shops that line the plaza’s lower floor. This plaza is a great place to hang around with friends over a cup of coffee.

History of Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor

This beautiful square of Spain was constructed by the orders of Felipe V. He wanted this area to be a bullfighting ring. The Churriguera brothers planned and prepared the design, which was built in the Baroque style. The primary building material for this place was sandstone. After the construction was completed in 1755 AD, it was ready for its first bullfight. Bullfighting continued in the plaza until the mid-1800’s AD.

Structure of Plaza Mayor in Salamanca

The north side of the plaza is the City Hall. It is a Baroque-style building with five granite arches and a steeple decorated with allegoric figures. In its ornamentation, many medallions stand out, including those of Charles I, Alfonso XI, Ferdinand VI, Cervantes, and St. Theresa.

The plaza mayor in Salamanca is an irregular square and the facades of the buildings are three stories high, with symmetrical balconies above 88 semi-circular arches supported by solid stone pillars. This architecture of the 18th century includes Spanish decorations of cut tablets, equilateral arches.

These days, Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor has turned into one of the most lively and popular places in Salamanca. Much of the daily and nightlife of Salamanca takes place in the Plaza Mayor.

You will find boutiques and trinket shops that line the inside of the Plaza and continues out onto the streets directly outside the walls. These stores provide the option of unique shopping. You can collect souvenirs and other Spain-related gifts from here.

Food is a great way to enjoy your time in the plaza. Eating is an important aspect of Spanish culture. There are several restaurants and cafes where you can taste different delicacies. In the evenings, musical groups called “Tunas,” play in the outer seating areas of the restaurants. On certain evenings, there can be up to three separate groups playing on three sides of the Plaza.

The Plaza also has a small pharmacy. The Royal Pavilion and the town hall are located in this plaza. This is an excellent resource to find information about educational services, libraries, police departments, culture, and tourism. This is the best place to eat, drink, shop, meet people, socialize, observe people, study, take a stroll and for many other reasons.

Hotels near Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor

There are many hotels near Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor. Some of these are Room Mate Vega, Petit Palace Las Torres, Abba Fonseca, Rua Salamanca, Silken Rona Dalba, and many more.

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