Fast Facts

  • Location: Sweden
  • Attraction Type: Historic Village.
  • Significance: It is an area with rich archaeological remains.
  • Best Time To Visit: Spring is the best time to visit Gamla Uppsala.
  • How To Reach: By air and bus one can reach Gamla Uppsala.
  • Nearest Airport: Arlanda Airport is the nearest airport.

Come to Gamla Uppsala and you will enter into the land of the kings. The home to the Swedish kings of the Yngling dynasty, Gamla Uppsala is an amazing destination that will take you to an era when the Swedish kings reigned this region. Currently, a Swedish village located outside Uppsala, Gamla Uppsala was an economic, political and religious hub of Sweden in the early years of 3rd century AD and 4th century AD. It is not only a famous historic destination but also an area with rich archaeological remains. This area has been a site of Royal burials in the early 6th century. Elaborated funeral ceremonies of the Swedish Kings and their Royal family members also took place near the old pagan temple of Gamla Uppsala in ancient times.

History of Gamla Uppsala
Gamla Uppsala has been the home of the Swedish kings of the Yngling dynasty. This proves that Gamla Uppsala has been quite a popular place during the prehistoric age in Northern Europe. Gamla was also the biggest village in Uppland during the middle ages. Since the place had been the cemetery for ages, the area was full of mounds which have eventually transformed into farmlands and gardens.

Attractions in Gamla Uppsala
One of the major attractions in the Gamla Uppsala is the Royal Mounds. There are three large barrows located in Gamla known as the Royal Mounds. These Mounds have a rich historical background since they are dated back to the 5th and 6th centuries. These mounds are treated as the Swedish national symbols. Apart from the mounds, there is an old church, probably built in the 11th century. One can see three old sculptures of crucifixes from the 12th, 13th and 15th centuries at the church. This wooden church stands gracefully at the site where once the Swedish kings used to offer human sacrifices. However, renovations and damage due to fire have left the old Cathedral church with only a few remnants of the old structure. The Cathedral church was built over an ancient pagan temple which was the home of wooden structure gods such as Norse Gods Odin, Thor, and Freyr. In ancient times the funeral ceremonies were held in front of this temple. Tourists can explore a vast graveyard at the village which was once comprised of 2000-3000 mounds. A visit to Gamla Uppsala will also give you a vivid picture of ancient historical and archaeological remains.

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