Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in Jukkasjí¤rvi village, about 17 km away from Kiruna in Sweden.
  • Attraction Type: Hotel.
  • Significance: The first ice hotel in the world and one of the greatest attractions in Sweden.
  • Best time to Visit: December to April.
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach ICEHOTEL is to reach Kiruna Airport by Scandinavian Airlines flights. You can also reach Kiruna train station. The airport is 15 km away and the train station is 17 km away from ICEHOTEL. You can take a car to reach the hotel.
  • Nearest Airport: Kiruna Airport (KRN).

They say it is the best experience of Sweden. Probably they are not too much wrong. ICEHOTEL is one of the greatest attractions of Sweden. A hotel, completely made of ice — it is a thing of wonder as well. Located in Jukkasjí¤rvi village, about 17 km away from Kiruna in Sweden, ICEHOTEL in Sweden is the first ice hotel in the world.

The uniqueness of this hotel is that the entire hotel is made up of snow and ice blocks were taken from the Tome River. It is really amazing how each and every part of this hotel including even the glasses in the bar are made of ice. The most amazing part of it is that this hotel has to build every year from scratch. The hotel returns back with a new design, new style, new suites, and a new reception. ICEHOTEL remains open for the visitors from December to April.

Inside the ICEHOTEL
Once the construction work of the hotel gets completed, the ICEHOTEL features wonderful rooms & suites, reception area, main hall, a bar, and church that cater to the needs of over 100 guests. It is an amazing experience to sit and sleep on the blocks of sculpted ice in the form of chairs and beds. There is also an option of warm accommodation next to the hotel. As spring comes by, everything in the hotel starts melting down and goes into oblivion. Again a new hotel with the new design comes up next year with new enthusiasm and essence.

While in ICEHOTEL, you can choose from three types of accommodation, viz. Cold accommodation, Warm accommodation and Wilderness camp. In Cold accommodation, you stay inside the hotel room in a temperature that ranges between -5 °C to -8 °C, no matter what may be the temperature outside. Dressed in warm thermal underwear and a hat on your head, it is an out-of-the-world experience to slip into the cozy sleeping bag inside your hotel room. You can choose from Art Suite, Ice Room and Snow Room for your cold accommodation. You also have the warm accommodation option in the forms of Kaamos Hotel Room, Nordic Hotel Chalet, and Northern Light Hotel Chalet. Wilderness camps are the open-air accommodation facility in tents.

A dining experience at the ICEHOTEL Restaurant could be one of the finest dining experiences for you in your lifetime. It offers traditional as well as globally-inspired cross-over cuisine. Many dishes are served on the ice plates made from the ice from the Tome River. You can also step into the Old Homestead Restaurant, located just 800 meters away from ICEHOTEL. A well-composed dinner buffet is its specialty.

Conference Facilities:
ICEHOTEL also offers wonderful conference facilities for business travelers. The conference hall of the hotel can match the facilities of any conference hall of modern times.


981 91 Jukkasjí¤rvi
Ph: +46-980-66800
Fax: +46-980-66890

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