Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in Are Municipality in Jí¤mtland, around 80 km away from í–Ostersund in Sweden.
  • Attraction Type: Skiing Resort.
  • Significance: It is the largest as well as a best-known skiing destination in Sweden.
  • Best time to Visit: November to May.
  • How to Reach: The easiest way to reach Are is to land at í…re í–surround Airport. From the airport, catch the local train to Hell. From Hell, you need to catch the train “Mittnabotí¥get” to reach Are railway station.
  • Nearest Airport: í…re í–surround Airport (OSD).

If you are looking for a skiing destination in Sweden, Are is going to be the place that is bound to delight you. And the reason is pretty simple — it is the largest as well as a best-known skiing destination in Sweden. Not only for the professional skiers, Are provide wonderful facilities for the families as well and this is one of the major reasons for its sky-high popularity. Located in Are Municipality in Jí¤mtland, around 80 km away from í–surround, Are, also known as Arejfallen, actually consists of 5 beautiful villages, each of which has its own ski area. Not only skiing, but the place itself has also got awesome scenic beauty, which makes the place a popular destination for the non-skiers as well.

Things to Do
It’s an amazing experience for anyone to go for skiing in Are. Reach at the top of í…reskutan Mountain through the snowmobile lift. It could be the experience of your lifetime to reach the top of the mountain. A series of 44 lifts are there to take nearly 50,000 skiers to the peak. The villages that constitute Are are interconnected by bus services.

There are 99 ski runs in Are, divided into 42 blue, 35 red, 12 green and 5 black. It is a paradise for experienced skiers. The World Cup Downhill run and the Hummelbranten mogul run are basically for the expert skiers. For intermediates, there are wonderful long cruising runs, where you have the opportunity to ski above the tree-line. But if you are a beginner, you may also go to the ski school, where English-speaking instructors will help you in learning the art of skiing.

One of the major attractions of Are is the night-skiing. Until week 10, the slopes remain open from 6 to 8 p.m. for night-skiing.

In order to ski in Are, you need to have a ski pass. Ski passes are available at the website of Skistar. One can also have ski passes from any of the 10 ski centers in í…revalley.

There are several wonderful resorts in Are. Most of those offers a range of amazing facilities. Some of the resorts can be named as Neilson Chalet SnowVilla, Holiday Club, Hotel Diplomat í…regarden, Brunjulla Apartments, Arebjornen Apartments, Hotel Renen, Hotel Continental and many more.

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