Squeezing out a long weekend from the corporates may seem impossible, but an official tour to the Scandinavian landscapes is more than what you wish for, to nullify your impending job hassles. And, when it is about the must see Stockholm sites, best gear up for a vivacious vacation. Galore with tiny shops in quaint by-lanes, plush markets, suburban pulchritude, and peerless heritage sites, Stockholm sure deserves to be amongst the top holiday getaways. And, for those with a taste for the beauty of nature, can cherish a long drive to the countrysides, see the archipelago islands or lounge around the succulent parks and the salubrious gardens — best for those seeking for solitude. Or, if the endless vibe here is maddening, then be sure to also delve into the underlying history and culture nestled amidst all the glitter of the city. But unlike official tours — where the charges are bored by the company, the voyagers can always cut their expenses by visiting only the must see places in Stockholm to grasp the true essence of Sweden. Often an expensive venture for the less- affluent lot – for the soaring prices of the drinks or a regular meal – the city can always be sought after for its diverse art souvenirs, the enchanting rural backwaters, and the varied entertainment scopes.

To start with, the Stockholm Palace is best to amble. This enormous palace is one of the major landmarks in the city, both for its artistic grandeur as well as the scenic vistas all around. More so, being the home to the Swedish Royal family – like the Buckingham Palace in England — the palace indeed drags maximum tourist attraction for symbolizing the spirit of Sweden. But, for the typical art enthusiasts, the Stockholm City Hall is an absolute must-see Stockholm tourist spot you can’t afford a miss. First, there are the picturesque prospects all around, further enhanced by its idyllic location on Lake Malaren’s Kingsholmen Island. Moreover, the one-of-a-kind Nordic National Romantic Style architectural mastery of this behemoth displays the glory and the vigor of the country. Interestingly, this ethnically set citadel with stunning red fortifications and the statuesque tower expresses a powerful contrast to the modernism of most parts of the city-scape. Not to miss, a visit to the Noble Prize Banquet of this hall is also a fine plan as well. To get all-consumed by the inimitable history and culture of the city/country, extent your voyage: visit the Storkyrkan – a Gothic-style church next to the Royal Palace. Undoubtedly, being the best architectural legacy of Sweden, it is a must place to see in Stockholm. Next, overlooking the Swedish trivia, walk past plush market places and other sites unless you are at the serene Lovon Island, home to the Drottningholm Palace – the private residence of the Swedish monarchy. With an opulent decor, this architecturally mastered palace that spreads over acreages is best for trotters to have a fabulous time sitting aside the placid lake or lazy around cool lawns gawking at the royal surroundings.

Now, for that untouched silence, the endless meadows and the laudable beauty of nature, there’s the much-frequented Skogkyrkogarden — a UNESCO World heritage site in Sweden and a must see Stockholm tourist spot indeed. Almost like an oasis amidst the vacuous acres of green fields, this cemetery – encompassed with tall pine trees – is a beautiful place to sit for hours and cherish the native air. Further, for the globe-trotters or the prosperous jet-setters, there is always scope to adore the greenery and the countryside ambiance of the Stockholm Archipelago Isles. Little you may know of this tiny paradise in the Baltic Sea, as you are mostly busy with the boundless glitz of the city hubs. Get some time off, book a cruise and plan a trip to the interiors of these sprinkled Baltic islands.

Finally, after you are all set and done with the landmarks, explored the islands and have had a joyous nightlife, drop by the museums to get a view of the varied art-forms restored. And, others must see places in Stockholm like the Vasa Museum, the Swedish Museum of Natural History or the enthralling interiors of the Nordiska Museet will be elating for any newcomer.

List of must see Stockholm sites:

  • Stockholm Palace
  • Stockholm City Hall
  • Storkyrkan
  • Drottningholm Palace
  • Skogkyrkogarden
  • Stockholm Archipelago Isle
  • Vasa Museum
  • Swedish Museum of Natural History,
  • Nordiska Museet
  • Riddarholmen Church

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