Fast Facts

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Attraction Type: Archipelago
  • Significance: a Biggest archipelago of Sweden and also one of the biggest archipelagos of the Baltic sea
  • Best Time to Visit: June to September
  • How to Reach: To reach one of the larger islands of the archipelago, you can take a car or bus; however, to see the islands at their best requires a boat. There is a wide variety of scheduled and charter boats available, most departing regularly from downtown Stockholm outside the Grand Hotel.
  • Nearest Airport: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Archipelago is one of the biggest archipelagos in the Baltic Sea and is one of the beautiful places to visit in Sweden. It comprises more than 24,000 islands, islets, rocks, and skerries, providing some of the most spectacular and sheltered waters in Europe.

Stockholm Archipelago Landscape
The feature of the landscape differs from the bare, flat, rocky landscape of the central and outer areas to the densely wooded islands of the inner archipelago. In case the weather is cloudy in Stockholm, there is a great possibility that you will find sunshine in the archipelago. The Stockholm Archipelago extends a good combination of remoteness and accessibility. Today the archipelago is a popular holiday destination with some 40,000-holiday cottages.

The biggest towns of the archipelago, apart from Stockholm, are Gustavsberg and Vaxholm. Over a few days, you will discover some of the very best to explore the Stockholm Archipelago. You can start on the island of Runmaríö. It is one of the top paddling areas in the archipelago offering excellent access to the wild scenery of the outer archipelago.

Things to do in Stockholm Archipelago
Sea kayaking is an ideal way to experience the rich natural heritage of the archipelago. In fact, kayaking is the only way you can travel through the narrow passes between the islands, as larger boats often face difficulty. Kayaking is a calm way of enjoying the wonderful scenery and wildlife of the area without any flutter. Sea Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago is suitable for both beginners and more experienced paddlers. The distance covered and the pace of the tour can be flexible depending on weather conditions and your wishes, but wherever your paddle takes you, the important thing is to relax and explore one of Europe’s loveliest cities.

Boating is an extremely popular activity with the sailing race Orníö runt being one of the largest events in the archipelago. This annual race started in the year 1973. It is open to anyone with a sailing boat but requires registration. There are different entry classes, such as the family class.

Cruising between the small islands through the Stockholm Archipelago to either í…land or Helsinki in Finland is an experience of a lifetime. If the weather permits, the experience can be heightened by reveling in a spectacular sunset from the deck. During the winter, you can go for an excursion by skating over the ice. Visiting the larger islands in the archipelago is easy all year round, but during the winter period, the routes depend on the ice conditions.

Places to visit in Stockholm Archipelago
Arholma, the archipelago’s most northerly island, is characterized by craggy rocks to old farmland. Most part of the island is a nature preserve.

A small, historic island in the northern archipelago on the edge of the open sea is Dejan. It has a popular tavern and hostel open in the summer. Kayaks and rowboats are available for rent in the large guest harbor.

Bulleríö, situated in the outer archipelago is reachable only by boat taxi. the island is a nature and bird preserve. You can also swim from several nice bays and rocks.

The small settle of Sandham is one of the most beautiful places in Stockholm Archipelago. It has been popular for pleasure boating since the late 19th century and renowned for its tavern, clubhouse, and harbor. It is also an important natural port, which provides easy access to Stockholm.

In the summertime, the archipelago is bristling with private boats filled with people who often take advantage of a law that gives you the right to go ashore or anchor on any ground, not in the direct vicinity of buildings.

If you want to take a dip in the salty waters of the Baltic Sea, Grinda is perfect for you. It is accessible and popular for all age groups. On the south side of the island are small sandy beaches. The rocky coastline beside the north pier of the island is highly recommended.

Vaxholm is at times referred to as the capital of the archipelago. The town is a hub for much of the archipelago boat traffic, and most trips out into the archipelago pass Vaxholm. The town is a pleasant destination for tourists. A boat trip of just one hour will take you to the verdant surroundings of Stockholm’s inner archipelago. The town is ideal for walks, coffee, and cake, shopping, and cuisine. One particular recommendation during the summer months is Hembygdsgí¥rdens Cafíé. You can also visit the Vaxholm Fortress Museum and Vaxholm Castle.

The serene, sheltered waters, whispering pine trees, smooth rocky islands, and colorful orchid meadows make the Stockholm Archipelago ideal for a holiday destination.

Hotels and Accommodations in Stockholm Archipelago
Staying in the archipelago is popular during the summer. All around the archipelago you will find several good hotels and hostels. Many of these have high-quality restaurants, usually serving local dishes and fish. You need to reserve accommodation in advance. The choices you have are hotels, inns and youth and family hostels. Many of the hostels are located in buildings of historic and cultural interest. Elfsala Lodge is a great place to stay. Archipelago Hostel, Best Western Amani Hotel, Dykarbaren, Sandhamns Ví¤rdshus, Blidíö Ví¤rdshus, and many more are available.

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