Fast Facts

  • Location: Swedish Lapland, Northern Lights, Junosuando, 160 km north of the Arctic Circle.
  • Attraction Type: It is a Scenic tourist destination.
  • Significance: The scenic beauty of the place is awesome, which has made many filmmakers come to this place for shooting.
  • Best Time To Visit: March is the best season to visit.
  • How To Reach: One can reach by air, bus or train.
  • Nearest Airport: Kiruna and Gí¤llivare

You have seen this place many times while watching your favorite movies, you have seen this place many times on picture postcards, you may have seen this place many times in your dreams — it is the time to see this place in your reality. A picturesque place is known for its extreme scenic beauty, Swedish Lapland seems like a gift from God to the inhabitants of the earth. One of the most famous locations for film shooting due to its awesome beauty, Swedish Lapland, located at a distance of half an hour from London, has also become one of the most popular destinations in Sweden due to the same reason. So, it is high time you should explore this beauty.

Attractions of Swedish Lapland
One can enjoy the scenic Swedish Lapland by exploring the lofty mountains and vast forests. One can notice the traces of stone age settlements at Swedish Lapland. There is an ice hotel which is another attraction of the area. The hustling cities of the Swedish Lapland are also worth seeing. The awe-inspiring natural beauty coupled with impressive urban life will dazzle any tourist. One can see the beautiful natural landscapes everywhere in Swedish Lapland starting from the mountain ranges in the west to the river valleys in the east. The southern part of the area is infested with beaches and idyllic fishing villages. One can also notice plain lands and tundras in the northern side of Swedish Lapland.

Accommodation in Swedish Lapland
It’s up to an individual where he wants to stay at the Swedish Lapland. There is a variety of options such as tents, camps, hotels, motels, inns, etc. to put up accommodation at this scenic location. There are luxurious hotels offering excellent accommodation facilities for tourists. One can camp in the laps of nature at the Swedish Lapland or just use a sleeping bag at night. Depending on budget and also on the individual preference one can choose from various hotels, hostels, camping ground, holiday villages with different price ranges. Some over-adventurous tourists may prefer to spend the night in a forest cabin or on an ice bed.

Events and Activities in Swedish Lapland
Apart from the scenic beauty of the picturesque landscape which mesmerizes tourists and nature lovers, Swedish Lapland also has to offer a hustling and bustling night life to its visitors. It is a land of festivities and cultural diversities. The place hosts a number of sports events, amusement events, concerts, festivals and many more. The nightlife at Swedish Lapland is amazing and makes the stay of the visitors worth. Visit Swedish Lapland and enjoy a vacation of lifetime.

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