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Must see Zürich

If the marauding drug-addicts, all set to crumble the virtuosity of Zí¼rich, Switzerland leaves you cold, then the green pastures dotted with grazing cattle, the quaint outskirts — still best for tourists to saunter — and the ever-elusive pep of city-life spurs you for a gleeful vacation. And for the tourists, the must see Zí¼rich sites, that buzzes among all, is indeed a heavenly abode for any vacationer — may it be the piquant vistas, the ethnic city corners or the pompous architectural legacies. 'The Swish magic!' — that's what you recall, if on a trip to the capital city of Switzerland — Zí¼rich. Or if, the profound charm and magical ambiance of the city has left you deeply smitten, then the over-priced markets and the inevitable glitter amidst queer traditionalism lures many to extravagance. So, harness your excitement well before you are pushed to such madness if in Zí¼rich. But, keeping aside the cosmopolitan aura, the blatant truth of its unmatched natural beauty, or even the frugal comments of the cynics on the soaring expenses at the city, take a walk along the city by-lanes or the heritage sites. What you gaze at, is the comeliness of the must see places in Zí¼rich, and a homogeneous blend of Swish milieu — bewitching and mind-blowing.

Added to all the charisma, the enviable bestow of art and the quite-evident biased blessings of nature is reason enough to testify the magnificence of the city and the country alike. No doubt, a million tourist flock all throughout the year to be temporarily a part of this paradisaical enchantment. While for the newly marrieds, a Swish holiday may seem to be a long-awaited dream come true, for the old a Zí¼rich itinerary is a must to cherish history, the unique Swish lifestyle and heritage sites spread over furlongs. So, if you have plans to leap out of your cozy hotel room and venture out the remote pathways in the city, then Schanzengraben — an eminent must see Zí¼rich tourist spot — should be your destined trip start-up site. Take a lazying walk along the Old Zí¼rich city lanes, and you will bump on a number of 13th century fortifications and ramparts — locally know as Schanzengraben - looming over cobbled streets right from Rennweg to Limmatquai.

For further souvenirs, a further walk along the old city lanes brings you to the stark architectural grandeur of Grossmunster — a Romanesque styled monastery church that dates back to year 1100. Known to be witness to some of the most striking events in history, the monastery church deserves a doubtless attention in your must see Zí¼rich trip plan. Infact for those with a major inclination for photography and creativity can always walk up to the Zí¼rich Lake to get a marvelous camera capture of the bohemian construction. And, for those of you who have been groping for some Mark Chagell glass-works, can always spend hours gaping at the interior as well as exterior artworks of the Fraumunster — a must see tourist attraction in Zí¼rich. Both these monstrous yet elegant skyscrapers amiably contributes to the appeasing skyline of the city: you can't miss a catch. Not to miss, if you are more than struck by the air of heritage at the city, you can always plan a trip to the Lindenhof site — galore with some of the best Roman architectures in the form of castles and forts.

Next, here's a shot for the nature-lovers ofcourse. Head outside the old city, and you are dropped amidst lush green meadows occasionally meandered by crossroads or sneaky lanes aside Lake Promenade, you'll love to walk or go for a bicycle tour. Or, for more of nature there the Zí¼rich Zoologischer Garten, one of the leading hotspot for diverse flora and fauna, and a must see place in Zí¼rich. Carry your camera but be careful while you gaze around. You may frequently come across some of the rarest reptiles, birds, animals or even jungle trees. For art, undoubtedly the imposing facades of the museum and the plethora of art collections within are best for gazers. The unique non-European art at Reitberg Museum, or the cultural souvenirs restored at Landesmuseum — the National Museum of Zí¼rich, or even the Swish artistry at Kunsthaus, are worth your patience if still skeptical of the art diversities at the nation.

The overwhelming mix of art and nature would obviously be amazing, but a visit to Bahnhofstrasse — one of the most expensive streets in the world - is worth a visit for the mainstream tourists to window shop, or even for the jet-setters to fall for the over-priced brands, fromTiffany to Dior, or Zegna to Bvlgari.

List of must see Zí¼rich sightseeing:
  • Bahnhofstrasse
  • Landesmuseum
  • Kunsthaus
  • Reitberg Museum
  • Zí¼rich Zoologischer Garten
  • Lake Promenade
  • Lindenhof
  • Fraumunster
  • Zí¼rich Lake
  • Grossmunster
  • Schanzengraben

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