Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in Hisarlik in Anatolia, near the seacoast in í‡anakkale province in the northwest part of Turkey.
  • Attraction Type: Ancient City.
  • Significance: Troy is a famous archaeological site. This 4000 years old ancient city was the center of the Trojan War. It was also described by Homer in his Epic Cycle, especially in the Iliad.
  • Best time to Visit: April to May and September to October.
  • Visiting Hours: During the daytime.
  • How to Reach: The nearest airport is Canakkale Airport, located about 30 km away from Troy. Take a minibus from Canakkale local bus station to reach Troy.
  • Nearest Airport: Canakkale Airport (CKZ).

It is the same city that you have heard about since your childhood days, it is the same city that had been described by Homer in his Epic Cycle, especially in the Iliad, and it is the same city that was in the center of the Trojan War — Troy is a legendary city and a center of attraction for thousands of travelers who go to visit Turkey. A major archaeological attraction in the present day and a traditional location of Homeric Troy, the place saw the Trojan War during the 13th century BC. The war had a great impact on this place, which the town is still carrying. Recently, due to its archeological richness, Troy has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located in Hisarlik in Anatolia, near the seacoast in Canakkale province in the northwest part of Turkey, Troy is an ancient city existed over 4,000 years. It was the center of ancient civilizations. The remains that can be found there would take you back to as early as the Bronze Age. It was the year of 1822 when Charles McLaren first discovered the ruins of Troy. The city can be divided into nine levels. Troy I to V is associated with the early Bronze Age, whereas Troy VI and VII belong to the Middle and late Bronze Age. Troy VIII and IX are associated with Hellenistic and Roman Ilion.

Things to Do
The city of Troy has a lot in store for you, especially if you are a history-lover. You get wondered as you go on exploring the city. The archaeological site is officially known as Troia. Start your visit by climbing up the ladders of Trojan horse at the entrance. It is a must-do in Troy and your trip to Troy cannot get completed unless you go for it. There are 9 layers of the ruins, numbered as Troy I to Troy IX. Besides the ruins, you can also visit the museum inside the site. There are also a few shops within the complex.

While visiting Troy, you will have several options for accommodation. Some of those can be listed as below:

Saat Kulesi Meydani
(Clock Tower Square)
No:8 17100

Tel: + 90 286 217 77 77 PBX
Fax: + 90 286 217 20 18

Kolin Hotel
Kepez 17100 Canakkale
Tel: +90 286 218 08 08
Fax: +90 286 218 08 00

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