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Journey Around The World

Renowned Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott described his thrilling, exciting and most arduous journey to Antarctica during 1910-1913 in his book famous book 'The Worst Journey in the World'. Though he, along with his teammates, went to the expedition with a small ship and the main idea of their journey was to explore the hidden wonders of the snow-covered continent, yet one cannot deny the charm of the other aspects of their journey — the sheer pleasure that the team got from it, no matter how grueling their journey was. The essence of journey remains the same today, though the modes have changed, in some cases, dramatically. A journey still gives the pleasure, excitement and joy to travelers in various forms.

Types of Journey

Journey is a ride, trip or voyage that provides joy, pleasure, ecstasy and knowledge. It can be of various types:

  • A train journey through a panoramic valley
  • An exciting voyage on a cruise ship
  • A drive through a scintillating path
  • Biking through a wonderful trail

No matter how you go on to a journey, what matters most is the intensity of pleasure that you are getting from it.

Popular Journeys

You can go for any journey if it gives you the pleasure and joy. However, there are certainly a few journeys that have earned some extra fame. And it is quite obvious that travelers from all parts of the world embark on them with huge interests. Glacier Express in Switzerland, Semmering Railway Journey in Austria, Orient Express in Italy, Expresso Maya in Mexico, and Driving through the Icefields Parkway in Alberta, Canada are some of the most popular journeys in the world.

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