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Lakes in the World

It is a great joy for any traveler to explore the beauty of a lake, its crystal water and fascinating surroundings, and sometimes the wide range of entertainment options available at the shore. The picturesque beauty, the smoothly passing winds, and sometimes the reflection of the vast blue sky on its water can make the day for any traveler. It is often seen that one gets mesmerized by the beauty of the water body in such a way that he/she can spend the whole day just sitting beside it, doing nothing. In some other cases, you go to explore the beauty of the water body further by taking a cruise on it by boat. Some may also go for fishing, if it is permitted. And it is not a bad idea either to go for picnic on the bank of the lake with the family. In fact, these are the enough reasons to understand why travelers from all parts of the world have gone for lakes since the very early days — irrespective of country and continent.

Best Lakes in the World

There are plenty of lakes in the world. Due to the home to a number of lakes, Finland is known as 'The Land of the Thousand Lakes'. Lake Baikal is the oldest lake in the world. It is the deepest lake as well. On the other hand, the Dead Sea is famous for being the lowest lake in the world. Lake Michigan-Huron is the largest lake in the world in terms of surface area. The crater lake of Ojos del Salado is the highest lake in the world. However, Lake Titicaca is the highest commercially navigable lake. So, choose your destination, you have a lot to visit.

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