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Museums Of The World

Do you like to spend a nice day taking your family and kids to a museum for experiencing education, entertainment, and fun? If your kids love music and art then the best way to foster their interests is by taking them to varieties of museums. Visit to museums make them have a hands-on experience with a wide range of perspectives, imaginations, and cultures. Some of the best museums of the world are located in different parts of the United States. You should make a list of these “must see museums” and take your kids there whenever there is a chance.

Best Museums for Kids

Some of the top museums of the world for kids are as follows:

The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences: This museum of natural sciences has a butterfly center, IMAX theatre, observatory, insect zoo, and planetarium. The charges for different sections of the museum vary, so you need to see their website. You can also book online tickets. A very popular item is an exhibition of frogs. A lot of children feel drawn toward this friendly amphibian species.

Chicago Children’s Museum: You can visit this place and show various activities to your children. On the first Monday of every month the museum does not charge anything for children who are 15 years old or under. You can ask for the current event features and the show timings that feature Curious George and other such fun filled activities for the young minds.

Museum of Science, Boston: This famous museum in Boston offers 3-D theatre, butterfly garden, IMAX theatre, planetarium, laser shows, and some special exhibits. The museum offers special camp-in programs through Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Your children can stay overnight and experience entertainment, education and culture in a fun filled and interactive way. You can purchase tickets for the museums online.

Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium: This museum with its galleries, wildlife center, planetariums offer special events to keep the children completely entertained. The museum also conducts camp-ins for groups and let them immerse into a wide variety of activities. You need to check for these special events every month. You can book tickets online as well.

Exploratorium, San Francisco: The main attraction in this museum is exhibition of glowing worms. Your kids will get tools for learning, researching from the Exploratorium of San Francisco. In the Tactile Dorm you will have an interactive excursion depending on your sense of touch only.

Other Notable Museums Of The World

If you make an educational tour to the museums in Los Angeles, museums in Las Vegas or museums in North Carolina, you should collect lot of information about the exotic tourist spots and beautiful places which are located in different parts of the United States. However, the main attraction in America is the museum which has a beautiful art gallery and archive for the safekeeping of antique artifacts and collectibles which were once used by celebrities. Los Angeles museums are world famous and every year numbers of people visit Los Angeles to watch the architectural charisma and artistic elegance of beautifully constructed heritage buildings. These museums in Los Angeles provide enriched American history to people for doing research and study. Los Angeles museums are situated in different locations in the USA. You will be stunned to view these marvelous archives and art galleries which preserve valuable assets and artifacts which are old but still shinning in design.

You should make a shortlist few important museums in LA so that you can visit these tourist spots for acquiring knowledge about American history. These archives and inventories have massive historical value. If your kids are in high school or college, they can be well acquainted with lifestyles of the famous celebrities, artists, princes, scientists, music maestros and general folks who lived couple of centuries back in Los Angeles. Hollywood Heritage museum is remarkably excellent and marvelous. This museum preserves world famous pictures and photos of Hollywood blockbusters and celebrities whose contribution to the film industry is massive.

Museums in North America

Las Vegas is a fantastic city and you will get a clear picture about the city which houses a number of superb museums. Las Vegas is fast becoming a popular sophisticated tourist center in the world. You will get enough scope to visit these museums like
  • Nevada State Museum
  • Barrick Natural History Museum
  • Las Vegas Art Museum
  • Bellagio Fine Art Museum

These historical buildings teach the young generation about the glorious days which American great forefathers spent in ancient times. If you are science conscious, you can pay a short visit to the Atomic Testing museum which is located in

Museums in Las Vegas:Flamingo road in Las VegasThis museum has the strong evidence and historical facts about nuclear tests which were conducted in Nevada. You will get more data about the growth oriented scientific study and research which were conducted to build atom bomb on experiments. In this museum, you will have the golden opportunity to watch the recorded movies and video clips about the Nevada test site where atom bomb was tested at primary level. You will come into contact with recaps of different interviews and conferences about the experiments and scientific tests.

Museums in North Carolina are also important to both natives and foreigners who like to learn more about this state of America. If you are planning for a trip to North Carolina, during your sojourn in this city, you should not forget to watch the beauty and luster of the museums in North Carolina. Avery County Historical museum preserves the marvelous vintage artifacts, photos and sculptures which were very popular during Avery County regime. Students will be able to gather data about the historical importance of Avery County, and Toe River Valley. Besides, Weldensian Museum has earned lot of appreciation and accolades due to the eye-catching historical past of American culture and heritage.

Museum in CA can give brilliant scope to enjoy life in different way. Without wasting time to go to shopping malls and watch televisions you can visit the best museum in CA for the collection of enriched data and authentic information about California. If you like high voltage adventure, war and struggle, you should go to Military museum in CA. You will be able to watch old and damaged artillery weaponry, jeeps, broken motorbikes and gunpowder which were used in first and second world wars.
In this connection, you can check online archives to read about the must see museums in the world. Do comparison study to find the most valuable and beautiful museums in America. Each trip made to different museums will enlighten you and the children and make them more responsible citizens.

Museums in Europe

Among the history and culture museums the renowned are the National History Nuseum in Cardiff in UK, Alstadt in Salzburg in Austria, Imperial War Museum in London, Museum of Antonin Dvorak in Nelahozeves in Czech Republic, and Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
Art museums in Europe draw millions of visitors every year. These museums have enviable collection of creations of master painters, artists and sculptors. Some among these are Musee Rodin in Paris, Art Master Gallery in Prague, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, and the Vatican Museum.

Among the other notable museums are Madame Tussauds in London, Wawel in Krakow in Poland, Vasamuseet — a warship museum in Stockholm, New National Gallery in Berlin, Museum of Modern Art in Brussels, and Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

Museums in Asia

The museums of Asia display items and artifacts of the Oriental world. The noteworthy history museums include
  1. Casa Manila Museum
  2. Shanghai Museum
  3. Hokkaido Ainu Center in Sapporo in Japan
  4. Jakarta History Museum
  5. Chang Foundation Museum

Contemporary art museums occupy an important place in the list of tourist attractions in Asia. Galeri Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, Museum Semarajaya in Indonesia, Galerie Dauphin in Singapore, Garden of Fine Art in Kyoto, and the Hong Kong Museum of Art are some of these well known contemporary art museums of Asia.

Other famous museums in Asia include
  • San Agustin Museum in Manila City
  • Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum
  • MISC Maritime Museum in Kuala Lumpur
  • National Museum of Ethnology in Suita in Japan

Museums in the Americas

In the Americas, particularly in South America there are a number of outstanding museums.
  • Gold Museum in Bogota
  • Museo Larco in Lima
  • Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana in Quito
  • Museo de Arte Latinoamericano in Buenos Aires
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