Fast Facts

* Location: 7 miles east of Port Antonio in east Jamaica
* Attraction type: Water Hole
* Significance:A deep lagoon, which changes colors according to the time of day
* Best Time to Visit: Early December to mid-April
* How to reach: Best way to reach from Port Antonio. You can also reach from Kingston in about 2 hours and from Montego Bay in about 4 hours.
* Nearest International Airport: Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston
Visiting Blue Lagoon, Jamaica

The reason why you’ll flock into Blue Lagoon Jamaica is simply for the presence of blue and green in abundance. This enchanting place is full of blue deep water, which is caused by the depth of the lagoon. With the moving over of sun, the lagoon changes its colors from azure to intense emerald.

As a traveler to the Blue Lagoon in Jamaica, you will surely not miss exploring the beauty of the place to its fullest. Spend some relaxing moments with your near and dear ones. Also see the wonderful spring of fresh water.

If you are an adventure-monger, you can’t afford to miss the excitement of scuba diving in the Blue Lagoon, Jamaica. The deep blue water of this area is a paradise for the divers.

Another popular way to explore the beauty of the place is to take a boat ride. The beauty of the surrounding will surely mesmerize you. Boating along the shores to the nearby Monkey Island is just enthralling.

There are a number of tour companies in Port Antonio which will take you to a tour to Blue Lagoon Jamaica. However, if you choose to travel to this place independently, you can park your car in the parking lot at the closed Blue Lagoon restaurant.

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