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Location: Eastern Massachusetts in NW US
Significance: Ancient coastline, Small and quaint townships, popular holiday destination in the US.
Attraction Type: Beaches, Sea and Land Activities, Events, Family Holidays
Best time to visit: May to October
How to Reach: By Air, you can use Cape Air or US Airways Express flights to Hyannis from Boston, New York or Provincetown. They also operate flights to destinations within the Cape Cod region like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. You can also choose to travel by the sea. The Bay State Cruises and Boston Harbor cruises carry passengers to Cape cod from Boston to Provincetown. There are plenty of luxury cruise liners to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. There are also a number of buses that ply between mainland and Cape Cod. You can also drive your way there, which is bound to be a unique and memorable experience. You can drive from Boston, New York, Connecticut as well as from Bourne Bridge.
Nearest Airport: Cape Cod Airport, Massachusetts

Do not allow the gory mishaps of Jaws dissuade you. On the contrary, think of the beautiful blue expanse and the vibrant beach life that you see well documented in the movie, along with a very hospitable local community. What is true about Martha’s Vineyard where the movie was shot is true for the entire Cape Cod at large. Cape Cod, or simply the Cape, has always been one of the most alluring tourist places in the USA, widely visited by travelers for well over a century. Located on the easternmost part of the state of Massachusetts, Cape Cod was originally inhabited largely by the Wampanoag Indian people. Later, it came under the control of the British colonialists. The entire cape region can be divided into three different parts, the Upper Cape near the isthmus of Cape Cod, adjoining the main landmass of Masachussettes, the mid Cape and the Lower Cape. A few offshore islands also form a part of the Cape Cod principality.

Beach Activities at Cape Cod,MassachusettsMassachusetts
Cape Cod is largely known for its small quaint towns and its lovely beaches, which are spread all over the cape but are largely concentrated around the middle part of the region, towards the Eastern coast. The wonderful weather makes the island all the more attractive. There is a huge accumulation of tourists between June and August, reaching its height in the 4th of July weekend. Beaches around the Nantucket Sound region are the most popular ones. Kalmus Beach in Hyannis is the most popular one, and is particularly popular among windsurfers.

With a coastline that stretches over 559.6 miles, there are ample opportunities to indulge in a wide range of beach activities including kayaking, snorkeling and sailing. If you are interested in whale watching and whale feeding, do not miss a visit to Stellwagen Bank. However, if relaxation is your idea of a perfect vacation, then simply lie down and chill out with a book of your choice at one of its many beaches. You can also have a swing at 14 holes, one of the popular games in the region.

Cape Cod Towns and Events

Cape Cod is largely known for its small and traditional townships, with each marinating and preserving its distinctive character. Whiel Bourne, Sandwich, Falmouth and Mashpee are the major towns of the Upper Cape region. The Mid Cape is known for the beautiful Barnstable, Yarmouth and Dennis. Harwich, Chatham and Orleans are the major towns of the Lower Cape section. A large number of highly interesting events and festivals are held all the year-round, but reach a peak during the festival and holiday season. The Cape Cod Museum of Art is a wonderful place where you can see some of the artifacts, including delightful clay potteries, created by the local artists. They have a distinctive taste and have an endearing charm.

Accommodation in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Cape Cod is visited by thousands of tourists. As a result, there are plenty of hotels and other accommodation facilities in all parts of the Cape Cod. Each Cape Cod town has a large number of lodges, inns, and hotels. Governor Bradford Inn, Green Harbor Waterfront Lodging and Bridge Bourne Hotel are some of the most popular hotels in the Upper Cape region. Cape Codder Resort and Spa, Days Inn in Hyannis and Ocean Mist Resort in the Yarmouth region are the major resorts in the busy mid-Cape region.

Lower Cape region has a number of small towns. Some of the most popular hotels in this region are Brewster Chamber of Commerce, All Seasons Vacation Rental and Blue Dolphin Inn. It does not matter where you take up lodgings in Cape Cod, you can explore the entire length and breadth of the Cape region using the excellent internal transportation system comprising buses, rails, and hired taxis. Ferries will transport you to the beautiful offshore destinations like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

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