Fast Facts

Location: Canada
Time to Visit: From late May to the middle of October
How to Reach:Charlottetown has a well developed transport system and is linked with various parts of Canada, and parts of the US. The city is served by the Charlottetown Airport and operates flights to and from various parts of the country and across the world. The city also has a well developed road and rail transport.
Nearest Railway Station: Prince Edward Island Railway
Nearest International Airport: Charlottetown Airport
Duration of sightseeing: 1-2 days

The dance performances at the Charlottetown Festival in Canada are always a highlight of the festival. A dozen of highly committed dancers are selected from thousands of applicants and competitors. They are some of the most promising performers in Canada. You should never miss a chance to see them live on stage!

Charlottetown is a great attraction for all kinds of music lovers. This is one of the most famous musical theater festivals in the world and draws thousands of tourists, travelers and music lovers from various parts of the world. A visit to this festival will surely make you more passionate about music.

This seasonal festival takes place every year from late May to the middle of October. Since its inception in the year 1965, it showcases the various musical genres that are indigenous to Canada and provides a deep insight into the rich culture and tradition of the country. The festival is named after the host city Charlottetown. It is one of the longest musical festivals in the world and is known for its pomp and splendor.

An Overview of the Performances at Charlottetown Festival

The Charlottetown Festival, Canada consists of three stages and takes place in the Confederation Centre of the Arts. The festival comprises various types of professional and amateur musical theatrical performances, outdoor performances, gallery exhibitions and so on. A blend of fun, cultural activities, pomp and vibrancy, the festival is attended by some of the finest musicians, theater personalities, singers, performers, composers, directors, playwrights and designers from various parts of Canada and other parts of the world.

The festival provides a wonderful platform for various types of musical and theatrical companies. The most successful composition is the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ by Island author LM Montgomery. Other popular compositions are the 2005 and 2006 productions of Canada Rocks. Other artistic directors include Mavor Moore, Alan Lund, and Walter Learning.

Charlottetown Festival Getaway

While spending time at the Charlottetown Festival, you must also try and pay a visit to the Confederation Centre. There are a number of theaters, art gallery, gift shops and a cafíé in the center. A visit to the confederation center offers you an experience of the rich heritage of the country.

Accommodation and Dining in Charlottetown

Charlottetown becomes a hub of tourist activities during the festival time. A number of cultural tours are arranged by the local tourist board and various other private travel agencies. To cater to huge inflow of tourists, the hotels and the lodging centers offer accommodation of high standards at very attractive rates during this time of the year. Best Western Charlottetown, Howard Johnson Hotel and Quality Inn are some of the most popular hotels.

There are about 120 restaurants in Charlottetown and you can choose from a wide range of delicacies, from Japanese Sushi to Italian and Kosher dishes. You can also have a taste of wide range of mouth watering local dishes and refreshing drinks. Rodd Chalottetown, Smitty’s Family Restaurant and Merchantman Pub are some of the popular eateries in the region.

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