Fast Facts

Location: Between Quebec and St. Laurence river, Quebec, Canada
Attraction Type: Ski Resort
Significance: Ski, Scenic beauty, Heritage
Best time to Visit: Between December and February is the best time to visit any Canadian ski resort. However, there are resorts that are open till March as well.
How to Reach: There are three regional airports located at different parts of the Laurentian mountain region, the Aerioirt de Mont-Laurier, Lac-a-Beauce Water Aerodrome and Lac-a-la Tortue Airport. The nearest international airport is Mont Tremblant International Airport. You can reach the region through VIA rail, the biggest rail network in Canada, and also use the superbus. Limousines on hire are available and hired car services are also available from Mont-Tremblant, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City.
Nearest International Airport: Mont Tremblant International Airport

The formidable reputation of the Laurentian Ski Hill as a ski resort somehow adumbrates the fact that the region is equally exciting for lovers of history, heritage and scenic beauty. Extending from the Southern part of Quebec all the way to the shores of St. Laurence River, the Laurentian Ski Hill is thus any vacationers dream. The mountains are largely known for its well groomed and maintained skating rinks and its consistent and dependable powder snow that makes skiing an absolutely joy. It is also where Mt. Tremblant, the highest peak of North America is located. Altogether, a tour to the Laurentian Ski Hill is guaranteed to be a great time.

Ski Resorts at Laurentian Ski Hill

The Laurentian Ski Hill is particularly noted for the large number of winter sports and other related activities that it offers. Skiing, snowboarding and skating are some of the most popular ones. However, of all adventure activities that take place in the Laurentain Ski Hill area, the most popular and the declared winner is skiing. Skiing is an absolute delight in the various resorts of the Laurentian Ski Hill. The best part about skiing in the Laurentian Ski Hill, apart from the wonderful snow, is the wide range of skiing trails that are available for skiers of all levels of expertise. It does not really matter if you are a beginner with barely any prior skiing experience, an intermediate or an absolute pro, the slopes of the Laurentian Ski Hill are sure to give you a thrill. However, it is important that you choose your resort by taking your particular level of skiing into consideration. Some of the popular ski resorts in the Laurentian Mountains region are:

Tremblant: Be careful, because this is the terrain of absolutely extreme skiers. The typically Quebecois village at the base of the mountain provides ample aprí¨s-ski experience. It is also a great place for cross-country skiing. With 17 trails and a vertical drop of 2131 feet, it is a must visit for all experienced and advanced skiers.

Mont Blanc: If Tremblant is the king of the Laurentian, then the second honors goes to Mont Blanc. That however, does not mean that the skiers will be in any way deprived of the fun. It has a moderate drop of 300 ft. and 39 runs. The place is good for snowboarding as well.

Mount Saint Sauveur: This is considered by many to be the best place for night skiing in Canada. Its huge area, modern lifts and great snow making capabilities make this place a great place to ski for as many as seven months a year.

Mont-Alta: The greatest attraction of this resort is its great variety. It is a favorite for skiers of all levels. Its collection of 26 trails can accommodate and delight beginners, intermediate as well as advanced skiers.

Mount Olympia: This is the resort to be if you are a beginner. This is arguably the greatest family ski resort of the entire Laurentian region. The presence of a snow school makes this place an ideal skiing destination for children. Childcare facilities are also available.

Each of the resorts has a large number of accommodation facilities. The presence of numerous restaurants makes your dining experience at the region a memorable one. If you prefer a traditional Quebec like lifestyle, then the villages at the foot of the mountains and the resorts ensure that too. Just check out on the local accommodation facilities and set out for the ski experience of a lifetime.

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