Fast Facts

Location: North-south highway route between Lake Louise and Jasper. Fifty minutes west of Banff; two and a half hours west of Calgary; three and a half hours west of Edmonton.
Attraction Type: Nature and activity trail
Significance: Offers ethereal natural beauty of Canadian Rockies, and thrilling outdoor Activities
Best Time to Visit: May to October
Visiting hours: Daytime
How to Reach: By road from Calgary or Edmonton
Nearest International Airport: Calgary, and Edmonton

Excellent! Breath-taking! Bliss, absolute bliss! That’s how you exult when you think of a long romantic drive over the must see Ice fields Parkway, Alberta sites. One of the most picturesque drives – not only in Canada but also in the world – this fascinating drive through alpine forests, glacial lakes, primeval ice-fields, and snow-capped mountains is a heart-stopping experience you can never stop getting enchanted to. While it is not only about a long drive or just cherishing the art of nature, the journey also browses you through exceptional sightseeings over the Canadian Rockies. Oldies hold your breath, for you may just be too wishful to renunciate all and dream of a tiny thatched home amidst the ethereal vistas. And for the the just-married couples, time is ripe to lock your stressful thoughts for a moment and intermingle with nature at these must see places in Ice fields Parkway, Alberta. Or, if you are game for some excitement, take a walk along the quaint pathways, hike over snow-capped mountains or even trudge the tantalizing pathways meandering through various corners. Ice fields Parkway or Highway 93 is a 142 miles stretch from Lake Louis to Jasper. This Highway 93 is accessible from Edmonton in the north and Calgary in the south along Trans-Canada Highway. While approaching along Trans Canadian Highway from Edmonton follow Yellowstone Highway which becomes Highway 93 after Jasper Town site, whereas from Calgary, the Trans-Canadian Highway splits at Lake Louise.


Traveling along Icefields Parkway in Canada you have access to the most scenic spots in the Canadian Rockies. Lake Louis, Banff National Park, Peyto Glacier, Bow Summit, Mistaya Falls and River, Athabasca Glacier, Weeping Wall, Sunwapta Falls, and Cirrus Mountain are amongst the most desired tourist destinations in Ice fields Parkway, Alberta that fall in this path. Infact, if you have a typical interest in wildlife, you can always drop by the famed Banff National Park , intrude the dense verdures of the Jasper National Park or even get on for some amazing photography at the Saskatchiwan Crossing — adorned with the green suberpine forest alongside the Mistaya river. Explore further and you will instantly bump on the Mt. Athabasca, Columbia Icefields and the Columbia Glacier. The Columbia Icefield Visitors’ Center is also situated right across the Athabasca Glacier. In addition to the heavenly drive, the must see places in Ice fields Parkway, Alberta is renowned for outdoor activities like canoeing, rafting, biking, and hiking.


Alternatively, there is a plethora of other activities you can opt for if wishing to adore every natural variegate bestowed. Rafting in the rapids of Kicking Horse River or canoeing in the Columbia River are highly sought after activities in Lake Louis locality – a must see Ice fields Parkway tourist spot. Biking from Jasper to Banff National Park is another thrilling activity you can undertake. This Pathway abounds in trail routes. Trailing routes are there to be explored from Calgary, Jasper, Waterton, Kananaskis, Lake Louis, Banff, and Drumheller. Looking for some adventure? Rock-climbing and back-country skiing in this region would certainly excite you. More so, Icefields tours and walks at Brewster is exceedingly encouraging.

Accommodation and Dining

All along the entire length of 140 miles, there are a number of pleasant hotels to stay along Icefields Parkway. The Crossing Resort, Columbia Icefield Chalet, Sunwapta Falls Resort, and Num-ti-Jah Lodge are some of the notable accommodations available along this route. Other than staying or dining, the lodges and the resorts here can well be considered must see Ice fields Parkway, Alberta sites for the stunning prospects all around.

So, for all you weathered by the daily hustle, here’s a chance to give way for some fun, mirth and a joyful vacation right at the heart of nature’s turf — here at Ice fields Parkway.

List of must see Ice fields Parkway, Alberta sightseeing:

  • Lake Louis
  • Banff National Park
  • Peyto Glacier
  • Bow Summit
  • Mistaya Falls and River
  • Athabasca Glacier
  • Weeping Wall
  • Sunwapta Falls
  • Cirrus Mountain
  • Calgary
  • Jasper National Park
  • Waterton
  • Kananaskis
  • Drumheller

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