Fast Facts

  • Location: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
  • Attraction Type: Glacial Lake
  • Significance: Skiing, Winter Sports, Summer Activities, Scenic Beauty
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring.
  • How to Reach: If you are coming down by air, you need to land at Victoria International Airport. Flights are available from Vancouver every hour. Several flights are also available from a number of other destinations. You can also reach Victoria through ferryboats.
  • Nearest International Airport: Victoria International Airport (YYJ)

Victoria, British Columbia is one of the most popular city destinations in Canada. Canada is noted for its unequalled multi-cultural ethos, and nowhere is this better expressed and exhibited than Victoria. A melting pot of Anglo-Saxon and local Indian culture, Victoria has a number of landmarks that are of great cultural and historical significance.

History of Victoria

The history of Victoria in British Columbia is closely connected to its development as a major trading center. Initially, it was inhabited and visited by members of local communities including the Shongies and the East Coast Salish people. The place became known to British and Spanish explorers towards the early part of the 18th century. The British established it as a major trading port in middle of the 19th century, and its importance grew with the discovery of gold in BC in 1858.

However, like all good things that come to an end, the economic importance of Victoria diminished with the founding of the Royal Canadian Railways, and it conceded its financial superiority to Vancouver. However, the endearing charm of the beautiful landscape and the quiet neighborhood of the city made it an attraction to tourists and people willing to reside here.

Victoria Attractions

Attractions in Victoria are too numerous to enumerate. A large number of 19th century architectures make this city look like a walk through a meticulously designed picture postcard. These buildings often rub shoulders with some amazing and exquisite modern day architectures, bespeaking the multi-cultural ethos of the city.

A large number of the city’s major attractions are consolidated around the Beacon Hill Park region. This is one of the earliest places in Canada where cricket has been played from very early times. Apart from the cricketing arena, there are exotic landscape gardens, numerous playing fields, a petting zoo, wide expanses inhabited by beautiful peacocks. All in all, it appears like a quaint fantasy of a modern town.

A large number of manicured gardens, lawns and an equally large number of wonderful architectural remains make this the most beautiful region in the British Columbia, as well as the whole of Canada.

Accommodation in Victoria

Being a popular tourist destination, there is no dearth of accommodation facilities in Victoria. Some of the most popular hotels and lodges of Victoria are Royal Scot Hotel and Suites, Abigail’s Hotel, Hotel Grand Pacific and Magnolia Hotel and Spa. Along with these starred luxury hotels, there are a large number of hotels and inns meant for tourists on a more limited budget.

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