Fast Facts

  • Location: Canada
  • Attraction Type: Natural
  • Best Time to Visit: February to September
  • How to Reach: Whistler Blackcomb is around 2 hours from Vancouver. Buses, cars and four wheelers are available from the city to the ski resort.
  • Nearest International Airport: Vancouver Airport

Enjoy to the fullest and spend time in the midst of crystal clear snow by making a trip to the Whistler Blackcomb. Located in Canada, the area is a popular ski resort and is visited by thousands of tourists and adventure lovers from all over the world. The ski resort is moistly shaped like a valley and is situated between the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Making a trip to this splendid place is really an experience of a lifetime.


The Whistler Blackcomb in Canada is owned and managed by Intrawest, which is a major part of the Fortress Investment Group. Both the mountains have a height of around 5,280 feet and are spread over an area of 8,100 acres. The average snowfall received in one year is around 360 inches. The chilly climate and the snowfall make the place an ideal location for a number of ski expeditions. Whistler Blackcomb in Canada is also slated to host the Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games in the year 2010.


The scenic beauty of Whistler Blackcomb, Canada makes your trip a truly charming and lifetime experience. The glaciers, mountains and the sprawling landscape is a great sight. The region consists of 12 alpine bowls which are world famous for their scenic beauty. There are also small streams which freeze most of the times.

Things to do

The rugged terrain in Whistler Blackcomb provides a perfect spot for mountaineers, trekkers and adventure lovers to overcome the hilly barriers through skiing. For adventure lovers, who look forward to overcome the challenge of climbing some of the steepest mountains in the region, skiing in Whistler Blackcomb in Canada can be a tremendous experience.

In addition to skiing, you can also embark on mountain biking trips, trekking and hiking expeditions, fishing in the streams, river rafting, jet boat trips and lots more.


There is a wide range of hotels and resorts around Whistler Blackcomb which offer pleasant lodging facilities and services. These places can be reached easily by a number of transport options.


You can visit the local restaurants and dining hubs and enjoy a wide range of local, Canadian and North American delicacies. The pubs and bars offer various types of beer and alcoholic drinks.

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