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In the Pacific Ocean off the shore of Costa Rica. It is located at Puntarenas.
Significance: UNESCO World Heritage Site
Climate: Hot and Humid
How to Reach: You can reach this island with the permission of the island rangers only. Dive boats will take you to this island. Transportation within this island is by motorbikes, dirt bikes, bikes or foot.

Cocos Island is the world’s largest uninhabited island. For many, it is the best diving destination in the world, with one of the most amazing arrays of marine life. Cocos Island, situated in the Pacific Ocean and on the offshore of Costa Rica, is a perfect tourist’s paradise. Offering numerous options for scuba divers and water sports enthusiasts, Cocos Island is known for its national park. Bordered by deep cool waters, Cocos Island in Puntarenas has a unique ecological character to it. Meet numerous marine species like hammerhead sharks, dolphins, and rays when you visit Cocos Island in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Cocos Island National Park

The island has been acknowledged as a beautiful national park in Costa Rica. In the year of 1997, Cocos Island National Park has been chosen by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. Recently, this island has been chosen to be shortlisted as a member of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The wide range of marine lives that thrives in the surrounding water is a real treat to watch. Enjoy a great diving experience and watch the colorful marine lives including the sharks, big tunas, rays, and dolphins. There are a total of ten scuba diving spots on this island that will allow you to enjoy the thrilling experience.

Cocos Island National Park has a thick rainforest on the island that is filled with rich and diverse biodiversity. In the national park of the island, you will find 235 varieties of flowering plant species. Of these, about 30% of the species are endemic. 74 odd species of ferns and 128 species of liverworts and mosses, 90 species of fungi and 421 species of slime molds are found in the Cocos Island. The common trees that are found at this island are pond apple, coconut palm purple coral tree, and others.

At Cocos Island, you can expect to find more than 400 species of insects and 50 species of arthropods. Two species of endemic lizard varieties are found in Cocos Island. You will get to see a large number of avifauna species and it has been recorded that there are about 90 bird species in Cocos Island. The mammal species that roam about the island are rats, pigs, cats, and deers. Among the marine lives, there are 600 species of mollusks, 60 species of crustaceans, over 300 species of fish and 30 species of coral.

There are a number of magnificent resorts in the Cocos Islands. Some of the most popular ones are Cocos Seaview, Cocos Cottages, Cocos Village Bungalows, The Lagoon and Bills Place. There are a number of other great resorts and villas in the region as well. There are a number of restaurants and shopping centers where you can pass some quality time during your stay in the islands. Presently, Cocos Island is facing grave environmental concerns, and every traveler is expected to travel responsibly to protect and safeguard its wonderful diversity.

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