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Must see places in Honduras

Fast Facts

  • Location: In Central America surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to its north and east, Nicaragua to its south, Pacific Ocean and El Salvador to its south west, and Guatemala to its west
  • Capital city: Tegucigalpa
  • Language/s: Spanish
  • Currency: Lempira
  • Time Zone: UTC — 6
  • ISD Code: 504
  • Best Time to Visit: All through the year
  • International Airports: Tegucigalpa, and San Pedro Sula

The beautiful landscapes and the long stretched coastlines of Honduras make almost every region a must see place in Honduras. Honduras in Central America has its own unique attractions in the form of outstanding sea beaches, extraordinary national parks, incomparable adventure sports and rare animal species. Bird watching and snorkeling in Honduras are inexplicable experiences. Honduras by the Caribbean Sea has something to offer for tourists with different preferences and demands. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to the North and East , the pure natural beauty of the country is reflected from its coastlines. The Pacific Ocean to its south west adds further beauty to the country. The coastlines with the blue water of the sea and the yellow beaches are rare vision for any tourist. This is what makes the coastlines one of the must see places of Honduras.

If you are a true nature lover and wish to enjoy the calmness of the countrysides and stroll in the open beaches, then Honduras is the perfect destination for you. A flight into the Bay Islands is the perfect spot for those who wish to behold the spectacular blue water of the sea . The three bay islands, namely, Roatan, Utila or Guanaja are blessed with some of the most beautiful terrains, beaches and landscapes that are undoubtedly must see places in Honduras. At Roatan, you can visit shops located at the beach itself. The vast variety of drinks and snacks available in the shops make it a perfect place for tourists to chill out and bask in the sun. The unsullied beauty of nature makes the Honduras tourist spots more enchanting for a first time visitor.

At Honduras, you can even visit the Copan Ruinas. A trip to this place is considered mandatory for any tourist. The village with its typical countryside environment, which is famous for its Welchef Cafe will be impressive for all. You can just saunter around the place and enjoy the mystical solitude of the vast open pastures. A preferable must see place in Honduras, the place is often considered to be a favorite spot for lovers and newly married couples.

To further feel the true essence of the place and fuse with the beauty of nature, you can travel to La Esperanza, a city that lies 60 Km east of Gracias. Though not a typical tourist attraction for visitors, but the journey from Gracias to La Esparenza is a must see tourist attraction in Honduras. The road trip is not only exciting with beautiful hilly terrains but is also gifted with breath taking beauty, especially, during sunrise and sunset. The cities are populated and the market places are gorgeous with lights that reflect the typical environment of city life. The beauty of the country is further enhanced by the Santa Rosa De Copan and the La Ceiba, which are also must see places in Honduras.

Other than showcasing the pristine beauty of nature, Honduras is also famous for Sam Pedro Sula and the Museum of Anthropology and History, which exhibit the rich cultural heritage of San Pedro Valley. Other than displaying the astounding past of the valley, the museum is also marked for unfolding the indigenous culture of the country. Henceforth, visiting this place is a priority for every tourist. Another must see place in Honduras is the Celaque National Park, which is only 9 Km away from Gracious. The place has hiker trails thus making it the best place even for casual hikers.

When to Visit Honduras

Honduras having a tropical climatic variety could be visited during any month of a year. In the north the rains last from September to December, while in the south and west the rainy season extends from May to November. The wet season is perfect for viewing vibrant green forests, while February and March are best for hiking and water sports.

Travel to Honduras

Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula are the two main international flight gateways of Honduras. They are connected by direct flights from cities in the Americas and Europe. Honduras by sea is only reachable from Belize. There are no direct bus services to Honduras from neighboring counties. Buses travel to the border from where you need to cross over on foot into Honduras and take a separate bus. Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua share their borders with Honduras.

List of must see places in Honduras:

  • Celaque National Park
  • Sam Pedro Sula
  • Gracias
  • La Esparenza
  • Santa Rosa De Copan
  • La Ceiba
  • Copan Ruinas.
  • Bay Islands


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