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Roatan - Bay Islands

Fast Facts

Location: Off the North coast of Honduras, in the Caribbean Sea.
Best Time to Visit: Can be visited from February through June, but the best is March-April.
How to Reach
Juan Manuel Gí¡lvez International Airport (RTB), also known as Roatan International Airport, is the airport for you, located in the island of Roatan in Honduras. The airport is connected to the rest of the world through San Pedro Sula. Several airlines including Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, TACA, Blue Panorama Airlines, Skyservice, Atlantic Airlines de Honduras, Aerolineas Sosa, and Islena Airlines etc. ply regular flights to Roatan Internation Airport from various destinations in the world.
You can also avail Galaxy Wave ferry in order to reach Roatan from La Ceiba on the Honduras Mainland. Runs twice daily, the ferry will cost you about $25 for one way trip. You may also come here by cruise lines like Princess or Royal Caribbean.
Nearest airport: Juan Manuel Gí¡lvez International Airport (RTB), also known as Roatan International Airport

At Roatan — Bay in Honduras, it is not your average snorkeling: floating innocuously among sea weeds and shoals of colorful finned creatures, it is diving with the big fish — the whale shark. Shark diving is one of the biggest adventures at the Roatan — Bay: it is surely no activity for the weak hearted. On the land, though, the tranquil beach has nothing of the foreboding thrill of the underwater activity — it is tranquil and calm, as calm as a beach gets. However, there are thrills on shore: great parties and social activities. All in all, Roatan — Bay in Honduras presents an extreme marine experience for serious lovers of the deep blue.
Roatan - Bay Islands are the picturesque by islands located off the North coast of Honduras, in the Caribbean Sea and a tourists' paradise at the same time. Known worldwide for its exquisite white beaches and some of the best snorkel and diving spots in the Caribbean, Roatan has also become an important destination for cruise ship and scuba diving in Honduras. Though, as the place is known for, most of the tourists come to Roatan Bay Islands mainly for diving, but the place is equally inviting for beaching and snorkeling as well. With the recent introduction of new cruise ship port, Roatan has been attracting more number of leisure tourists who just want to enjoy the beauty of white sands and perfect beaches of this wonderful place.

Roatan Bay Islands woo its visitors with clear turquoise waters and scintillating beaches and harbors. Rimmed by largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea and second largest in the whole world after Great Barrier Reef of Australia, Rotan creates a perfect underwater environment for magnificent scuba diving and a wide range of water sports. Tourists, who love to enjoy the beauty of the beach and sea water and also want to enjoy the thrills of water sports, mainly head to three white sand beaches including West Bay, Palmetto Bay, and Camp Bay.

Visiting Roatan Bay Islands

Most of the tourists visit Roatan for the thrill of snorkeling and diving. But besides the adventure of various water sports, the place has a lot to offer to the tourists. The beaches of Roatan Bay Islands are magnificent enough make you spellbound. Walking around and sunbathing at the white sand beaches, watching the vast blue sea, and enjoying the beauty of the sunsets — all can make your trip a truly memorable one.

The most happening place of the island is West End, which is full of bars, restaurants and live music. The beauty of the sunset in this area is also an exceptional one. The reef is not to far from here either. There are some good restaurants and resorts in the French Harbor, whereas, the West Bay has a number of restaurants and hotels. It is recommended that one should enjoy the beauty of beach in the West Bay, and should spend the bar time in the West End.

Majority of tourists do not go further east after French Harbor, which are visited mostly by the locals. If you wish, you can visit Jonestown and the infamous Hole in the Wall restaurant. In order to reach there, you need to hire a small water taxi from Jonestown.

You can also visit Carambola Botanical Reserve, and Iguana Wall — that offers a protective breeding area for iguanas and parrots. Pleas make it a point to visit the top of Carmbloa peak that offers you a scintillating view of Utila and the western and northern reefs of Roatan.

Things to Do

While visiting Roatan Bay Island, you have a number of interesting and thrilling things to do. In fact, many tourists visit Roatan for the thrills of snorkeling, diving etc.

Diving and Snorkeling:

The underwater of the Roatan Bay Islands and its surroundings has around 96% of all the Caribbean marine species including flecks of fluorescent organisms, grandeur of the largest undersea inhabitant of the world, including the whale shark. With a temperature ranging from 77°F to 82°F throughout the year, the sea water of the Roatan Bay Islands allow the divers to explore the vast diversity of coral, sponge and invertebrate species here. Divers can also find the tunnels, ledges, and volcanic mazes extended far into the coral walls to form caverns and cathedrals. Also there are the kaleidoscope of hard corals and sponges draped with the underwater cliffs. You can also find deep water species like dolphins, sharks, manta, and eagle rays in quite a good numbers.

Most of the Roatan resorts offer in-house diving operations to the tourists. There are also a number of dive shops which offer instructional courses for different levels on diving in different languages.

Deep Sea Fishing and Sailing:

Roatan, with its crystal clear sea water, is a wonderful place for those who love to go for deep sea fishing and sailing. You will find Bonefish, Permit, Grouper, Snapper, and Tarpon during your trip. You can also find Mackerel, Blackfin Tuna, Bonits, Dingfish, Wahoo and Marlin in the deeper waters.

You can go fishing and sailing by hiring a boat from several boat owners who offer various half and full day excursions, snorkel trips, deep-sea fishing, cocktail cruises, etc. Also available are the cruises to the Cayos Cochinos — an archipelago with excellent birding and hiking opportunities. The neighboring places like Barbaretta, Morat, Utilla, and Guanaja etc. may also be visited. You may also avail the charter services from the West End Village, Sandy Bay and West Bay Beach. The rates start from $10 per hour may vary.

For some authentic views of adventure at the Roatan — Bay, click on the following links: Watch divers swim with the teeming underworld population of the area surrounding the Roatan-Bay, including whale sharks in this video! It is going to give you enough reasons to visit the place. Another great diving sequence, another close brush with whale sharks! Enjoy! To get a taste of the great party life at the Roatan Bay region in Honduras, watch this video!


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