Fast Facts

Location: 56 km from Palenque in Chiapas province of Mexico
Attraction Type: Waterfall
Significance: One of the bluest waterfalls in the whole of North America
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Time of Visit: Daytime
How to Reach: By road from Palenque
Nearest International Airport: Villahermosa; Palenque is two and a quarter hours drive away from Villahermosa Airport

Azul Waterfall, also termed Waterfalls of Blue Water is a visual splendor for all travelers visiting Mexico. Rarely would you discover a deeper blue waterfall in the whole of North America? Agua Azul Waterfall in Chiapas province of Mexico is an incredible cascade of foaming water where visitors come in droves throughout the year.

Palenque, the capital of the mythical Pakal kings, is the perfect base to proceed to Mexico Azul Waterfalls. At the waterfalls, you could refresh yourself and have lunch. After a further drive of 45 minutes, you reach Misol-Ha Waterfall, another picturesque spot. This is a recreation place provided with comfortable cabins where you might overstay for the night.

Activities at Agua Azul Waterfall

Agua Azul is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and pristine surroundings. A swimming hole allows you to have a refreshing dip and a swim. After spending time in the water, gorge on the local delicacies available at the ‘comedores’ or eateries of this area. The recipes prepared from fresh ingredients are heavenly. Rafting in the waters of Azul Waterfall is also very inspiring.

Not very far from Agua Azul is the Agua Clara Waterfall famous for its spectacularly clear water. A suspension foot-bridge adds to the thrill of the entire surroundings. You would feel yourself in the midst of a Hollywood movie frame. If you are adventurous enough, you could spend the night in tents put up around Agua Clara Waterfall.

Do not miss out on the Misol-Ha falls with its impressive cascade falling into a wide and deep pool surrounded by cliffs. This spot was used as a set for shooting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Predator’.

Accommodation and Dining

On your visit to Azul Agua falls you could put up in cabins in Axul Agua or in tents in Agua Clara. Alternatively, you could stay at Palenque or San Christobal and make a trip to Azul Waterfalls. You would get decent food in the eateries of Agua Clara or Azul Agua.

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