Fast Facts

Guanajuato, Mexico
Significance: Art Festival
Attraction Type: Art, Painting, Sculpture, Theater, Music
Timings: 14th Oct — 1st November, 2009
Admission Fee: Ticket prices will vary depending on performance. Consult Ticketmaster for the prices and bookings. Theater tickets, however, can be bought on spot.
How to Reach: It is a five hours drive in the NW direction from Mexico City
Nearest Airport: Mexico City

Mexico has always been the land of artists. Cervantes Arts Festival is a testimony to the eternal enthusiasm that Mexico has for art. This international festival in Guanajuato was inaugurated in 1972 to bring the best of the artists from all over the world to exhibit the latest masterpieces from the world of art. Presently, it has grown in proportion, with more than 2000 artists arriving from all over the world to exhibit their works.

The exhibits in the Cervantes Arts Festival cover a wide span of genres and modes of representation. There are paintings, sculptures, installations and other newer forms of arts in the exhibit. Dance, music, and theater also play a major role, as 25 countries send their representative to the country.

Cervantes Arts Festival 2009

This year, the festival authorities have chosen to celebrate the 400 years of the discovery of the telescope by Galileo Galilee. This is going to be a unique endeavor, where art will pay tribute to one of the most revolutionary scientific discoveries. Quebec and Zacatecas are going to be the guests of honor for the festival.

Guanajuato Accommodation

Guanajuato has a reputation as a popular and upscale destination. As a result, there are quite a few hotels and lodges in this part of Mexico. Some of the most popular ones are hotel Gran Plaza and Convention Cnt, Hotel Quinta Las Acacias, Mission Guanajuato Hotel, and Hotel Posada Santa Fe. However, get your booking earlier if you are planning to be there during festival time, as it is likely to be crowded.

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