Fast Facts

Location: Mexico
Time to Visit: January to December
Admission Fee: 3000 Canadian Dollar (min), 10000 Canadian Dollar (max)
How to Reach: The tour starts from the city of Villahermosa. After you land at the airport in Villahermosa, you are offered transport in luxury buses to the train.
Nearest Railway Station: Villahermosa
Nearest International Airport: Villahermosa Airport
Time required for sightseeing: 7-14 days

It is one of the most luxurious train journeys in the world – the lavish Expresso Maya. Your trip is bound to be an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. The train tour takes you through a charming and enchanting journey to the ancient Mayan ruins of Mexico. Embarking on a tour in the Expresso Maya is a combination of luxury and comfort and it also provides a deep insight into the majestic glory and cultural charm of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Most of the places where the Expresso Maya takes you are listed in the World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. You can get the optimum level of luxury, comfort, and convenience by undertaking a tour in the train. The high-class facilities and services provided in the train will really make you feel like living in a 5-star hotel even while making a train journey.

You will simply enjoy the plush facilities and services in the Expresso Maya train service. The train consists of 4 deluxe saloons with a seating capacity of 64 seats. The coaches are named as Chichíén Itzí¡, Uxmal, Calakmul and Tikal. All cabins are decorated with local motifs and furniture with a traditional touch. The cabins are fitted with air conditioning systems and are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities like ecological toilets with wastewater retention tanks and stylish bath fittings, non-toxic wiring equipment, flame retardant materials and so on. Other contemporary facilities like music system, satellite television, work station, writing desk, high-speed internet access, telephones, hot and cold water, an alarm clock and so on are also offered. To add to your comfort, the warm hospitality of the train staff also adds to your charm and delight.

You will really enjoy dining in the Expresso Maya. The onsite dining car named “Míérida” offers a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies amidst a relaxed ambience. You can taste local, Mexican, continental and other culinary delights here. There is also a bar named “Palenque” where you can enjoy a wide range of alcoholic drinks and cocktails. The Campeche” cafeteria serves refreshing beverages and confectionaries.

Starting from the city of Villahermosa, the tour in the Expresso Maya takes you to places like Palenque, Campeche, Uxmal, Merida, Izamal and Cancun. The tour also includes luxurious accommodation in the 5 star and heritage hotels and resorts in all these places. Special packages are offered during peak season. After you land at the airport in Villahermosa, you are offered transport in luxury buses to the train. The train service is available for 11 months between January and December.

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