Fast Facts

Location: Mexico
Attraction Type: Natural
Best Time to Visit: winter season
How to Reach: Places like Montes Azules can be reached from other parts of the country. You can come by car, buses, and four-wheelers.
Nearest International Airport: Mexico City International Airport

Imagine thousands of butterflies flying in a pattern in your neighborhood! Are you wondering whether it is possible or not? Well, it is possible. Thousands of butterflies migrate from northern parts of the USA to the plains of Mexico. The whole region of their migration fills with the buzzing of these unique insects. Experiencing this sight is truly something that you will remember all your life.


Monarchs cannot survive in the cold climate and as such, they migrate south to hibernate. From the highland region in the midst of the Eastern Rockies, the insects migrate around 2500 miles to the Oyamel fir trees Mexico. The monarchs which are found in the western part of the Rockies migrate to the warmer regions of Southern California to the eucalyptus trees of Pacific Grove and the neighboring regions.

Researchers and scientists compare the flight of these insects to the migration of the birds which fly in the warmer southern regions in winter. The monarch is the only insect that can migrate to such a long distance. Their unique wing pattern helps them to fly such a long distance.


The whole Trans -volcanic range of Mexico is filled with thousands of Monarch butterflies of various shapes and sizes. It is a great sight to see thousands of butterflies flying together. The whole air fills with the buzzing of these insects and the sky becomes colorful.

Things to do

There are lots of watchtowers located in the various places of the Mexican Trans-volcanic region to watch the Monarch Butterfly Migration in Mexico. You can travel to any of these places and witness this extraordinary sight.


To cater to travelers, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, places like Montes Azules has plenty of hotels, lodges, and other accommodation centers. These places offer comfortable lodging facilities at affordable rates.


You can dine at the local restaurants and have a taste of local and Mexican delicacies. You can also enjoy refreshing local or international brands of alcoholic beverages.

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