Fast Facts

In northern part of Guerrero state in South Mexico (about 150 miles southwest of Mexico City)
Attraction type: Hill city
Significance: A hill city with a colonial feel
Best time to visit: All through the year
How to Reach: By bus from Mexico City or Acapulco
Nearest International Airport: Mexico City International Airport

Taxco is a marvelous hill city with a history dating back to the time of the Aztecs. This Mexican town with a colonial feel stands out because of its hundreds of silver stores lined along narrow streets. The white-walled houses with red-tiled roofs exude a colonial charm. To escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and to provide rest to your weary body and worried mind there is no place comparable to Taxco in Mexico.

The wonderful hill town of Taxco derives its name from Aztec word ‘Tlacho’ implying ‘a place for ballgame’. Located at a height of about 5900 feet above the sea, Taxco is in the state of Guerrero. This city also serves as the center of Taxco Municipality.

The written records of Taxco trace the formation of this city in 1532 when it was incorporated through the Court of Letters. Mayor Don Luis de Castilla, a Spaniard was the first to make fortune out of local silver mines in 1542. After two hundred years, Joseph de la Borda discovered rich deposits of silver in this region. Thereafter, Mexico Taxco emerged as a premier silver producing center of this region. Even to this day silver is the primary source of revenue of this hill city.

Taxco Activities

The Santa Prisca Cathedral constructed in the 18th century is the most outstanding building in this town. At the highest point of the hill, you would notice a statue of ‘Cristo’ or Jesus Christ. From the top of this hill get a panoramic view of the entire town and the surrounding regions of Guerrero. Explore this enchanting place with its cobbled streets, red-roofed white houses, and innumerable silver shops on foot or bicycle.

When visiting Taxco you must never forget to buy silver from the countless little shops. All silver items bought from this hill town would be engraved with either ‘TAXCO 925’ or ‘MEXICO 925’.

Staying in Taxco

For enjoying the ambiance of this splendid place you must spend a few days. Aqua Escondida, Hotel Santa Prisca, and Hotel Casa Grande are among the notable places to put up.

There are a number of eateries lining the city streets. Savor on local delicacies like crispy tortilla crumbles, pork rind, hominy, and avocado. For your favorite drink relax at Cafí Sasha renowned for its alternative environment.?

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