Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in Hidalgo municipality in the central-eastern part of Mexico, about 100 km north-northwest of Mexico City.
  • Attraction Type: Ancient Town.
  • Significance: An ancient town, known for its 10th century stone sculptures of Toltec warriors.
  • Best time to Visit: Can be visited throughout the year.
  • How to Reach: Tula is located just 88 km away from Pachuca, the capital of Hidalgo State. Take a car to reach your destination.
  • Nearest Airport: Pachuca Airport.

It has been the source of much speculation and theories, it has created a number of questions to the mind of people throughout the world, it has been the instance of the height of human ability — the Tula de Allende, Hidalgo are the wonders that shook the world with its rich sculpture works. These are originally the 10th century stone sculptures of Toltec warriors dressed in feathers and gods, standing as the columns, which made the town of Tula a popular destination for all the art lovers throughout the world.

Tula, also known as Tula de Allende is a town in Hidalgo municipality, located in the central-eastern part of Mexico, about 100 km north-northwest of Mexico City. Though there are some other larger towns like El Llano, San Marcos, and San Miguel Vindho, etc. in Hidalgo municipality, it is the ancient capital city of the Toltecs or Tula or also known as Tollan, which earned fame for this place with its remains and made this place one of the most popular attractions in Mexico. Come and explore the place, there is a lot in store for you.

Visiting the Tula de Allende Hidalgo

Visiting Tula is like getting the glimpses of a lost empire. As soon as you step into this wonderful ancient town, you will come to discover one thing that dominates the town — the massive stone warriors, standing guard over the remains of the lost civilization. The place was identified as the Toltec capital around 980 CE. Later the city got destroyed somewhere between 1168 and 1179 and the remains of which later become the point of attraction for the whole world, especially those who have an interest in history, art and culture.

The stone statues of Tula are around 4.6 meters high. Once supported a wooden temple roof, the statues are now looming unencumbered atop a pyramid-like Temple of Quetzalcóatl. The warriors are decked out in full battle dresses with pillbox-shaped helmets topped with Quetzal plumes perch on their heads. On their chest, there are stylized butterfly emblems, whereas their backs are protected by circular shields.

While visiting the artworks of Tula, you would find the reflection of a preoccupation with dark forces and bloodshed. In the Quetzalcóatl temple, you can see the decoration in the form of bas-reliefs depicting jaguars, coyotes, and eagles devouring human hearts on the base of the temple. Also visit the Coatepantli, a 140-foot long wall, running parallel to the temple, covered by gruesome carvings of serpents. Chac-Mool, the leering statues scattered about the site, won’t also go unnoticed.

Before you leave Tula, don’t miss to pay a visit to the Museum Jorge R. Acosta.


There are a number of options for accommodation in Tula. You will find a number of hotels that cater to the needs of all sorts of travelers. Some of the hotels in Tula can be listed as below:

Hotel Real del Bosque
Carretera Tula — Cruz Azul Km 2
Tula de Allende
Hidalgo C.P. 42830
Tel: +52-773-732-5351
Fax: +52-773-732-3590

Best Western Hotel Real Tula
Zaragoza Sn
Tula de Allende
Hidalgo 42800
Tel: +52-773-732-4575

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