Ya, its Cancun, the wonderland of Mexico — you may always add in your itinerary for a vacation trip. Almost hidden behind the veil of the city glitz or often overshadowed by the most-famous American, Canadian or other tourist attractions, the must-see Cancun sightseeings would invariably kick a tac in your mind with its pristine beaches, eco-parks as well as the historical sites. If not always, this time you can have a pretty plausible excuse to snatch a couple of leaves from your boss. Say why? Obviously, it’s the tourism importance of the city that can drive a stream of excitement – or even jealousy — in your boss. The quintessential Mexican ambiance, the infinite fun scope and the boundless zeal of the city folks, can even leave a short-time visitor with a successive trip hangover. Either the must-see places in Cancun or the sumptuous authentic food or for instance, the bustling markets: you can always throw yourself in shopping galore or tempting sightseeings, if you are here, amidst this Yucatan Peninsula.

Always be sure to start with those must-see Cancun sites that most entices you. If it is the beaches, then hire a cab to check out some of the major beaches of the island. Adorned with white sands anchored to the blue sea, Cancun Beaches – if explored with passion — leaves a heady feeling among visitors. For the oldies, the families or those with a mood to relax, drop by the Northern Beaches that are less windy and are protected from the large waves. Alternatively, the eastern beaches are more boisterous. The wind is strong, waves are often daunting — thus, perfect for the youngsters and the adventure lovers to have a good time enjoying water sports. Not to forget, the island has further beach fun for you, if you are game for it. The Islan Mujeres — commonly known as the island of women — is yet another must-see tourist attraction in Cancun, you can always tarry, if on for some heart-pumping snorkeling, fun swimming with the dolphins, try your luck with fishing, sail around the entire island or even savor the spicy sea-foods in some of the best restaurants in the region.

Overlook the beaches for a moment if you have got enough of it. The national parks and the absolutely raw wilderness of Mexico are also what awaits you. Anyone with a fetish for adventure or exploring the unseen can have a great time unearthing nature’s secrets that still lies concealed under the civilized cloak. At the national parks, you can look at Mexico as the Spanish Conquistadores saw it. Absolute darkness, wild with more than 100 species of animals, ugly creepers and rare aromatic trees, undoubtedly makes the national parks a must-see place in Mexico. The scary pathways — meandering through the terrifying darkness — dawns a wave of jitter throughout your body. The thrill is obvious, but don’t miss to capture the surrounding vistas, draped with beautiful lakes, rivers, beaches running aside green jungles and wide-mouthed estuaries. Harness your excitement and give yourself a chance to enjoy fun activities like jet-skiing in the mangrove swamps, kayaking in the rivers or lakes, or simply watching birds fly over you and animals walking past your trails, finally disappearing in the wilderness. Tres Rois — in this context – is one of the best places to check out to adore nature’s darkest beauty.

History of the historical sites has always been one of the most pampered must-see Cancun sites, you can’t afford to overlook. The historical sites in the city overtly welcome you to the ancient Mayan era through its historical ruins situated amidst the tropical forests. Now, you might have only seen pyramids in Egypt, but the voluminous pyramid structure here, amidst dark woods is what you might have never thought of. Vagabond the tropical forest, and you will come across the largest Pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula at Chichen Itza, along with other architectures. Nearing Chichen is Tulum – one of the most exciting historical sites with myriads of Mayan ruins.

And finally, it’s the long-awaited fun-filled must-see places in Cancun you have been waiting for. Delve into the ancient artifacts of the Mayan Culture in the Ecological Park of Cancun or trudge through the mangrove swamps in the Aquaworld Jungle while gazing at nature’s ultimate wildness, or further travel to the core of Xcaret — yet another eco-park – famed for its variated fauna. If adventure is your forte, then activities like swimming with dolphins, sharks and whales can also be your foray — if you dare to!

List of must-see Cancun sightseeings:

  • Xcarat
  • Aquaworld Jungle
  • Ecological Park of Cancun
  • Chichen Itza
  • Tulum
  • Tres Rois
  • Islan Mujeres
  • Cancun Beaches

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