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On the Pacific Coast of Guerrero district of Mexico
Attraction Type: Coastal town
Significance: A charming and tranquil seaside holiday vacation
Best Time to Visit: All through the year
How to reach: By flight to Zihuatanejo-Itaxa; OR by bus from Mexico City, Acapulco, and Morelia
Nearest Airport: Zihuatanejo-Itaxa Airport

Zihuatanejo derived from ‘Cihuatlan’ in local Nahuatl means ‘place of women’ due to the matriarchal society of this place. Prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus, a Tarascan leader titled Caltzontzin from Lake Patzcuaro area used to visit this place often. To protect the women and children from the attack of sharks he constructed a rock barrier at Playa Las Gatas. Though many believe this to be a legend, the rock exists to this present day.

Zihuatanejo in Mexico witnessed the arrival of the Spaniards in the second decade of the 16th century under Juan Rodriguez Villafuerte. In this New Spain he built the first shipyard where brigantines and caravels were constructed. In these ships, the Spaniards made voyages to the South American nations, the Caribbean Islands, and Acapulco.

Located on the Western coast of Mexico bordering the Pacific Ocean, Zihuatanejo is a marvelous year-long destination for the enthusiastic traveler.

Activities in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

This place on the ocean coast has a rustic charm which is irresistible. The sheltered water of Bahis Zihuatanejo is safe for even the kids of your family. The Playa Las Gatas famous for its harmless sharks and the ‘Playa La Ropa’ are alluring beaches around the bay. This second beach is named after a shipwreck which was carrying Chinese silk.

You could reach Playa Las Gatas in ‘lanchas’ or open boats from the mainland. Thatched umbrellas or ‘palapas’ allow you to enjoy the sea breeze and tranquility of this place without having to worry about the sun. Double your enjoyment by sipping your favorite drink ordered from the parasol owner. The water is excellent for snorkeling, and you could spend an hour exploring the shallow sea bed.

Hotels and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

The accommodations in Zihuatanejo exude a homely ambiance which makes your stay a pleasant experience. Hotel Imra, Hotel Brisas Del Mar, Casa Que Canta, and Casa Cuitlateca are some of the elegant places to put up. To satisfy your gastronomic demands you must visit La Casa Cafí

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