Fast Facts

Location: Nicaragua
Attraction Type: Natural
Best Time to Visit: October to February
How to Reach: You can take a ferry ride from Granada and reach Ometepe Island. The journey takes around 4 hours. Moyogalpa’s port is the main port and transport junction in the area.
Nearest International Airport: Managua International Airport

Imagine an island rising out of two volcanoes amidst the sea. Well, it is not a myth but a reality and you can see it in your own eyes by making a trip to Ometepe Island. Rising out of two splendid volcanoes in the midst of Lake Nicaragua, the island of Ometepe is one of the most spectacular destinations in Central America.


A unique thing about Ometepe Island is that it is linked through a low isthmus to form one island shaped like an hourglass. The volcanoes are named as Concepcion and Maderas. The island is spread over an area of 276 square km. The name of the island originated from two local Nahuatl words: “ome” meaning two and “tepet” meaning mountains.


From the ancient ages, Ometepe Island has evoked immense curiosity among historians, navigators, explorers, and travelers. The island has always been described as a paradisiacal destination. The sprawling forests of the island provide an ideal habitat for a number of animal species. Some of the well-known species found here are White-faced Capuchin monkeys, Mantled Howler monkeys. The lake surrounding the island is home to different types of marine and aquatic animals like the Nicaragua shark.

Things to do

You can enjoy a number of activities at Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. The lake is an ideal place to embark on sailing and boating trips. You can undertake safari trips to the wildlife sanctuary and witness wild animals amidst natural habitat. Also, make a visit to the local villages and watch traditional events and folk dances by the tribes. You can shop for beautiful handicrafts from the tribal markets.


There are a number of lodging centers that offer pleasant accommodation facilities and services. They are easily accessible and you can enjoy staying amidst beautiful natural surroundings.


The local dining hubs serve a wide range of mouth-watering local, Caribbean, and Latin American cuisine. There are local bars that serve local liquor and drinks.

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