Fast Facts

Location: Central America
Capital: Managua
Currency: gold cordoba (NIO)
Language: Spanish, English
Best time to Visit: December to March
Time Zone: UTC -6
Calling Code: +505
Major Airports: Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA)

The azure water of the rivers and lakes in Nicaragua, the countryside environment of the towns, the gloomy abyss of the national parks and various other enchanting must-see places in Nicaragua, make the country a perfect example of beauty with solitude. Officially known as the Republic of Nicaragua, it is the largest state in Central America. Surrounded by two oceans — the Caribbean Sea to the east and the North Pacific Ocean to the west, Costa Rica to the south and Honduras to the north, Nicaragua also has the largest freshwater body in Central America. Unlike the other North American States, the places to visit in Nicaragua have a typical aura of their own that attracts tourists from every corner of the world. A visit to this country is like a dream come true for every traveler, owing to its tranquil environment and scenic beauty.

In spite of having impressive landscapes and various national parks with green forests, Nicaragua is specifically famous for the lakes and long yellow beaches. In this context, the Nicaragua lake is one of the most famous and largest lakes in the country that has more than 400 islands, out of which 300 islands are collectively named Las Isletas. Being one of the must-see places in Nicaragua, the lake is distinctively famous for harboring two major islands named Granada and San Jorge. Other than these, you can also visit Ometepe, which is the largest island and is situated close to San Jorge Dock. The historical importance of Ometepe creates further curiosity. It is said that the Chorotega and Nahua tribes migrated from Mexico and settled in this island.

The country also boasts of various national parks with sprawling savannas and rare species of animals and migratory birds. The Volcan Mayasa National Park located just outside Mayasa is awesome for its volcanic landscapes. You can drive to this adventurous location and view the amazing cliffs, solidified lava, fumaroles, bubbling muds and tropical forests scattered throughout the area. Don’t ignore the small countryside environment of the Mayasa town that is only 16 Km from Managua and very near to the volcano park. One of the best Nicaragua tourist spots, Mayasa is famous for its leather goods, hammocks, hemp tapestries, embroidery dresses, and various other artistry.

Your exciting journey to this beautiful land will be incomplete if you do not visit the beaches and the highlands. The la Boquita and the Poneloya Beach are the most sought after tourist places for those who want to enjoy surfing and swimming. If you really want to see the true beauty of the sea at sunset and sunrise, then visit the Montelimar Beach that is home to some of the most luxurious holiday resorts. One of the must-see places in Nicaragua, the Islas del Maiz situated 70 Km from the Caribbean sea, is noted for its clear blue sky, coral reefs, and its peacefulness. You can also visit the great highlands of the country to get relief from the heat and relax amidst the cloud and the cool forests. No matter wherever you go in the country, the places in Nicaragua are unique and almost all of them are tourist spots.


Nicaragua has varied weather where the lowlands are tropical, whereas the highlands are cooler. Pacific lowlands could be very hot during the dry months of November through April. An occasional hurricane can be seen in the Atlantic coastal region. May to November is the time for rain.


Air: If you are coming down from abroad, you are most likely going to land at Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA) in Managua — the largest airport in Nicaragua. You will find flights from Houston, Miami, and Atlanta.

Bus: You can reach Nicaragua by bus from several international destinations like San Jose, San Salvador, El Salvador, and Costa Rica, etc. Buses are also a popular mode of transportation for traveling to various destinations within the country.

List of must-see places in Nicaragua:

  • Nicaragua lake
  • Ometepe
  • Granada and San Jorge
  • Rio San Juan
  • Volcan Mayasa National Park
  • Mayasa Town
  • The Atlantic Coast
  • Highlands in Nicaragua
  • Beaches in Nicaragua
  • Leon Highlands

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