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Must see places in Panama

Fast Facts

  • Location: Central America.
  • Capital: Panama City.
  • Currency: Panamanian Balboa (PAB), US Dollar (USD).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Best time to Visit: December to April.
  • Time Zone: UTC -5.
  • Calling Code: +507
  • Major Airports: Tocumen International Airport (PTY), Enrique Malek International Airport (DAV), Isla Colon International Airport (BOC).
To cut the monotony of life, you can travel to the exotic locations of Panama to free your soul from the daily stress and hectic schedule. The must see places in Panama are further enchanting and will leave an everlasting mark on you. Located at the southernmost part of the continent of North America, it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the south, the Caribbean Sea to the north, Colombia to the southeast, and Costa Rica to the northwest. Being the fastest growing economy in Central America, the country is home to the famous Panama Canal, one of the must see places in Panama.

The entire country is spread out with numerous Wildlife sanctuaries that make Panama all the more exciting to visit. With around 14 national parks, Panama is abode to some of the rarest of animal species and birds. Forming one of the major must see places in Panama, the Metropolitan National Park, also known as the Parque Natural Metropolitano, is the only nature park that is located in the Panama city. Situated just next to the las Cruces Trail Park, the unsullied woods of this national park is home to some of the most beautiful and amazing living beings. With maximum photographic options and an excellent tourist destination in Panama, here you can capture some of the most unique species of birds, butterflies, reptiles and mammals. Though it is actually impossible to visit all the parks, yet you can attempt to visit some of the most famous ones like Darian National Park, La Amistad National Park, Coiba Island National Park, Bastimentos National Park, Chagres National Park and the Camino de Cruces National Park.

For those who love bird watching can visit the Sobrania National Park, which is famous for its hiking trails and rare migratory birds. One of the most attractive must see places in Panama, the Sandero las Cruces is a historical hiking trail within the Sobrania Park premises. After you are over satisfied with the forests, the wildlife and the historical trail in the Sobrania woods, visit the great Panama Canal that is one of the most exquisite constructions by United States. The canal holds great business importance and is a primary Panama tourist spot and a major passage for ships.

Since you won't find too many hilly terrains in the country, a short visit to the Ancon Hills in the Panama City will be a good idea. In spite of not being exceptionally exciting like the hills of Nicaragua, yet Acon Hills is considered to be one of the must see places in Panama city, as it is the highest point in city with excellent scope for photography. The place is a popular jogging and hiking destination for travelers as well.

If you are really keen to explore this amazing land with green savanna all around, you should plan out a long trip and visit the exotic islands and beaches of the country as well. The enchanting Playa Blanca, Playa Corornado, Punta barco, Bocara del drago and the Starfish beach are must see places in Panama. Other places like Amador Causeway, Balboa Avenue, Bridge of the Americas, Casco Viejo, Centennial Bridge, Mi Pueblito and Panama Viejo are also remarkable for their historical significance as well as the masterpiece architecture.


Panama has tropical maritime climate with warm weather in most of its parts. The summer (January to May) is short and dry. From May to January, it is hot, humid and cloudy with a prolonged rainy season. Though warm in daytime, places like Cerro Punta, Boquete and El Valle can be a bit chilly during the night. Severe storms and forest fires can also be experienced occasionally, but possibility of a hurricane is minimal.


Air: Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City, Enrique Malek International Airport (DAV) in David, and Isla Colon International Airport (BOC) in Bocas del Toro are some of the major airports in Panama. Tocumen International Airport (PTY) has direct flights to about 20 countries including many cities in US.

Bus:Buses are popular modes of transportation to move between places in Panama. Panama has two types of buses — city buses and buses that run on the highway. You can also reach Panama by bus from a few other countries like Costa Rica and US.

List of must see places in Panama:

  • Panama Canal
  • Metropolitan National Park
  • Darian National Park
  • La Amistad National Park
  • Coiba Island National Park
  • Bastimentos National Park
  • Chagres National Park
  • Camino de Cruces National Park
  • Sobrania National Park
  • Ancon Hills

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