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South Shore Beaches, Florida

Fast Facts
  • Location: In the Atlantic Ocean east of Florida
  • Attraction Type: Beaches
  • Significance: Pink colored beaches
  • Best time to visit: June to September
  • How to Reach: By flight to Hamilton and then by boats
  • Nearest Airport: Hamilton International Airport
South Shore Beaches in Bermuda stand out from all other beaches of the world. You would find golden beaches, white sandy beaches, ochre beaches and even ragged beaches. But rarely would you discover pink beaches as in the Bermuda South Shores. Hues of pink from the pastel variety to the lighter shades are all visible here. You should at least once come to Bermuda South shore Beaches to view the hypnotic combination of turquoise blue sea lapping its gentle waves on floral pink beaches lined with vibrant green coconut palms. This indelible color combination is certain to create an everlasting impression in your memory.

Bermuda South Shore Beaches extend from Smiths Parish in the east to Southampton Parish in the west. The beaches composed of very fine grains are not volcanic in nature but is the pulverized form of calcium carbonate shells and decayed skeletons of clams and corals. Foraminifera or ‘foram’ in short, are animals with a dark red skeleton. On death and decay they get mixed with other seabed debris, calm shells, and sea urchins and lend the pinkish hue to the sea beaches.

Not all bays along this stretch are public, but are owned privately. As you move westwards from Smith’s Parish, John Smith’s Bay, Devonshire Bay, Elbow Beach, Ashwood Cove and Park, Jobson’s Cove, Chaplin Bay, Church Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Peel bay, Turtle Bay, and West Whale Bay are the noteworthy public beaches you would reach in succession. Each of these bays has something unique to offer. At John Smith’s Bay you would get refreshments, snacks, and fast food. The Devonshire Bay is a place where you might enjoy with your family and kids. The Warwick Long Bay is the longest among all the beaches and allows inspiring walks. Stonehole Bay is a gorgeous little breach, while Jobson’s Cove is famous for its rock circumscribed beach.

Bermuda South Shore Activities

Unlike the Caribbean Islands, Bermuda seas allow water activities only during the summer months from June to September. Snorkeling and diving are the most popular marine pastimes followed by sailing, fishing, and kayaking. On land hiking and horse riding are common. Bathing in any form is prohibited in the beaches of South Shores in Bermuda.

Staying in Bermuda South Shore Beaches

On your tour to Bermuda South Shores you could check in at Elbow Beach, Coco Reef Bermuda, Harmony Club, Fairmont Southampton Hotel Bermuda, Waterloo House Bermuda Hotel, or Blue Horizons Guest House. 

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