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Belle of Louisville, Kentucky

Fast Facts

Location: Located in the city of Louisville in Kentucky, Untied States.
Attraction Type: Cruise.
Significance: It is the oldest river steamboat still in operation.
Best time to Visit: Anytime in the year, but the best is from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.
Visiting Hours: Starts in the morning and continues till evening.
How to Reach: You need to reach Louisville first. If you are using I-64 West, take exit 5-B, if you are using I-64 East, take Exit 4, if you are using I-65 North and I-71 exit, take exit onto I-64 West to reach Blue Parking Lot.
Nearest Airport: Louisville International Airport (SDF).

Like many famous attractions in the world, there are also some cruises that have been able to craft their places in people's mind with their amazing features. Belle of Louisville is certainly one of those. A steamboat owned and operated by the city of Louisville in Kentucky, USA, the significance of Belle of Louisville lies in its history and culture. It is not its awesome luxury and facilities that would win your heart over, but it is its history as well as culture and heritage that would make you feel proud once you embark on this. It is the oldest river steamboat still in operation.

Brief History

Originally named the Idlewild, Belle of Louisville was built in1914 by James Rees & Sons Company in Pittsburgh for the West Memphis Packet Company. The steamboat started its first journey on the Allegheny River and was plying between Memphis, Tennessee and West Memphis, Arkansas. In the year 1931, it came to Louisville and later operated a regular excursion schedule through World War II. In 1947, it was sold to J. Herod Gorsage and got her new name as Avalon. But by 1962, its condition became extremely bad. It was only then when Jefferson County Jude Marlow Cook bought it and brought it back to Louisville and undertook a major restoration work. On 30th April, 1963, the Belle of Louisville made its first cruise in a race against Delta Queen.

Ride on Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville would take you to a joy ride. It is full of various facilities including outdoor observation decks, handicap accessibility, bandstand, dance floor, live entertainment and DJ service etc. Besides cruises, Belle of Louisville can also be hired for various events and wedding ceremonies.


Sightseeing Cruises: Casual is suggested. T-Shirts are fine.
Lunch Cruises: Casual is permitted. Shorts, T-Shirts and Slacks are acceptable.
Dinner Cruises: Casual is suggested.


Excursion: $16 (Adult) / $15 (60 years & above) / $8 (3-12 years)
Luncheon & Cruise: $27 (Adult) / $26 (60 years & above) / $18 (3-12 years)
Dinner & Cruise: $37 (Adult) / $36 (60 years & above) / $22 (3-12 years)
Dance Cruise: $18 (Adult) / $18 (60 years & above) / $18 (3-12 years)


You need to stay at Louisville and there is no dearth of hotels there. Some of those can be listed as below:

The Brown Hotel
335 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40202
Tel: +1-502-583-1234
Fax: +1-502-587-7006

Crowne Plaza Hotel
830 Phillips Lane
Louisville, KY 40209
Tel: +1-502-367-2251
Fax: +1-502-363-2087

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