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Cayo Largo Cuba

Fast Facts

Location: Located off the southern coast of the Cuban mainland, in the Caribbean Sea, just 177 km south of Havana and 120 km east of Isla de la Juventud.
Attraction Type: Island.
Significance: A natural paradise, this island is known for pristine beaches, awesome coral reefs, and exciting diving experience.
Best time to Visit: Can be visited throughout the year.
How to Reach: The best way to reach Cayo Largo is through air. Come at Vilo Acuí±a Airport. Daily flights are available from Havana and Varadero. Charter flights are also available from Canada and Europe.
Nearest Airport: Vilo Acuí±a Airport (CYO).

It is the jewel in the Los Canarreos Archipelago known for its splendid blue water, rich marine organisms, scintillating coral reefs and awesome natural beauty. A limestone island, Cayo Largo del Sur, popularly known as Cayo Largo, is a popular resort island off the southern coast of the Cuban mainland. Located in the Caribbean Sea, just 177 km south of Havana and 120 km east of Isla de la Juventud, Cayo Largo is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean attracting thousands of travelers from all parts of the world every year. With its 25 km length and 3 km width, Cayo Largo is the second-biggest island in Canarreos Archipelago.

Things to Do

Cayo Largo is a natural paradise, known for its 27 km of pristine beaches, white sands, crystal clear waters, awesome coral reefs and most beautiful resorts. The mangroves and salty lagoons in the leeward side just add more color to your holiday experience at this majestic island. Cayo Largo is also the home to 350 iguanas, chelonian, parrots, herons and pelicans. The colorful and varied fauna under the blue sea and a 19 nautical mile coral reef are just too thrilling to explore.

While visiting Cayo Largo, you must go to the most spectacular beach of the region — Playa Sirena. The ultra-fine texture of the beach prevents the sand from getting too hot. It is also the best beach for swimming. The other beaches of Cayo Largo include Playa Paraiso — the beach for the nudists, and Playa Tortuga, home to the seasonal colony of sea turtles.

Cayo Largo is also a popular destination for scuba diving. There are around 32 scuba diving sites in this island offering enthralling coral formations, steep walls covered with gorgonians, and colorful marine life.


There are a number of hotels in Cayo Largo offering accommodation to various sorts of travelers. Some of the hotels can be listed as below:

Barcelo Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo del Sur
Cayo Largo 1200
Sol Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo del Sur
Archipelago de los Canarreos
Cayo Largo

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