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Empire State Building

Fast Facts

  • Location:New York, USA
  • Attraction Type: Building
  • Significance: One of the tallest buildings in the world
  • Best time to Visit: Throughout the year. However try to avoid winter.
  • Visiting Hours: 8:00AM to 2:00AM everyday.
  • How to Reach: By subway, rail, car or bus. Get down at Penn Station or 34th Street/Avenue of the Americas, if you are taking the subway. Alight at the Penn Station or Grand Central and take subway. By car, take any of the connecting bridge, tunnel or road. Bus numbers M4, M10 South, M10 North, M34, M16, Q32 will also take you to this historic landmark.
  • Nearest Airport: JFK International Airport
Dubbed as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the Empire State Building has its place right at the top in the list of monuments of historical importance. Opened to the public in 1931, it was the tallest building in the world for more than 30years. After the fall of the World Trade Center, it is presently the tallest standing structure in the United States. The building is 1250 ft high and has got 102 stories, 85 of which are used as commercial and office space with a total floor area of 2,158,000 sq ft. There is a fenced observation deck on the 86th Floor. The remaining 16 stories consist of Art Deco architecture and the 102nd floor houses a observatory. There are more than 21000 office workers in the building that has 73 elevators. The building has been integral part of popular culture since the 1930s. A number of films and novels have been made giving a special importance to this National Historic Landmark.

Things to Do

If you are visiting the Empire State Building, be sure to be at the observation deck on the 86th floor. The observation deck provides a bird's eye view of an extensive section of New York. It gives you an idea of the high density regions which have come up over the past century on both sides of the meandering of the Hudson river. Also visit the observatory whose position is unique in the whole of America.

Other Activities

If you are lucky you may also want to take part in the Empire State Building run-up. This is a race from ground level to the 86th Floor observation deck which has been held annually since 1978. Also do not miss the motion simulator on the 2nd floor which gives a simulated aerial view of the city.


New York is one of biggest cities in the world. Hence finding accommodation near the Empire State Building is not a problem. Since Empire State Building is on Fourth Avenue, finding accommodation nearby will be an expensive affair. A good place to search is online. Some of the options are given below:

Hotel Metro
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The Herald Square Hotel
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The Avalon Hotel Manhattan
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