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Burning Man Festival

Fast Facts

Location: Black Rock Desert, Northern Nevada, U.S.A
Attraction Type: Festival
Significance: A radical Art Festival
Best Time to Visit: The festival is open for 8 days. It starts on the last Monday of August and continues till the first Monday in September, which is also scheduled to be the American Labor Day.
How to Reach: The Black Rock Desert, which is set as the temporary Black Rock City lies to the north of Reno. It takes about 2-3 hours to reach the venue from Reno. The travelers can fly to Reno and then can comfortably reach Black Rock Desert.
By Road: One can reach the venue by car, bus or truck or other vehicles. The way runs like this, from Reno one should take Interstate 80 east to exit 43 (Wadworth). This will take them to highway 447 north, from there, Gerlach is about 100 miles. Then head east as the road forks at the north of Gerlach. Thus, finally one will be able to reach the Black Rock Desert after traversing a distance of about 11 miles.
Nearest Airport: An airport is set up for the Burning Man festival, but it is mainly meant for small chartered plane. It is run by the volunteers. However the nearest airport is Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Burning Man is a radical Art Festival held as an annual event in the remote location of Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada, USA. It takes place in the month of August and continues till September. In general terms, it takes place on the last Monday of August and goes on for 8 days, till the first Monday of September, which also happens to be the day for the American Labor Day. They are mainly run by the band of volunteers. The Burning Man is a festival which stress upon radical self expression and radical self reliance. Therefore the environment is generally a sort of ‘anything goes’. A temporary city is raised for celebrating the event. The city is named as the Black Rock City and consists of its own houses, roads, bars, clubs, restaurants, a crew of servicemen providing emergency services and medical facilities, police departments, post office and numerous other installations set as Theme Camps. The city has a population of about 50,000 people constituting the attendees and the volunteers of the festival.

History of Burning Man

The festival started with the observance of a bonfire during the Summer Solstice in the year 1986. It was just a friendly Reunion marked by burning of a simulacrum figure of a wooden man. Gradually it became the trend and the members of that friend circle started showing interest in the happening and added up other elements to it. The height of the effigy figure started increasing. Initially, the bonfire used to take place in Baker Beach in San Francisco, later on, a separate event was planned in the remote playa of Black Rock Desert. In turn, an organizing body has been set up for taking care of the event. Thus the trend went on and turned out to be a cult festival.

Description of Burning Man Festival

The festival ground extends over a large arena. Every year, a theme is been planned for the festival. The principal element of the Burning Man Festival is the effigy of the wooden man, the structure of which is continuing unaltered over the years. The man stands on the ‘Observatory’, known as the ‘Vault of Heaven’. It is referred as the ‘Lighthouse’ for the ‘Floating World’. The design of these respective bodies remains more or less same for the other years. The themes though, determine the structures and artworks, costumes, camps and the vehicles to a great extent. Art forms an integral part of the entire festival. The various art works are been referred as the gift of the participants to the festival. Burning of a temple has also been included as an important part of the Burning Man festival. The City centers around the man and several theme villages spread at length throughout the village. The villages constitute an agglomeration of theme camps. There are several streets that run in and around and every year, their names change in accordance with the theme.

Things to do in Burning Man Festival

As, it is been told that there is no rule to be followed in the festival. Same goes for everything going on in the festival. Although there is an official schedule for the events to be celebrated in the Burning Man, but, it isn’t always the case that everything included takes place religiously. There are also some un-official additions in the schedule. The basic activities indulged in are, body painting, yoga, morning run, Art and Craft, Belly Dancing, Fire dancing , meditation sessions, weddings, seminars on umpteen topics discussing anything and everything, massage, weddings, roller discos and thousands others.

Accommodation during Burning Man

There is no separate accommodation option in Burning Man Festival. All the participants are expected to carry their own camping equipments, tents and other necessary belongings. Though all the attendees in the festival are more or less friendly and generous but still it is better carry the essentials other than depending on others help.

Getting around Burning Man

There are various ways one can commute in and around the festival arena. One can avail bicycles, or the Mutant vehicles, often known as the art vehicle. They are the purposely altered motorized cars brought on permission of the festival authority. However, it is best to explore the festival ground on foot and feel the true aura of the place.

Dining and drinking in Burning Man

It is necessary to bring the eatables along in order to sustain for the days in the festival. There are no places offering food in the festival ground. There are few cafes providing tea and coffee specialties scattered here and there, but they don’t offer food. There are ample bars throughout the ground, so one having the fetish for various drinks won’t feel dissatisfied in any way.

Safety rules in Burning Man

  1. Many of the huge art structure in the festival are not compliant to the safety standard. So beware of going near to them as it might be the case that on account of a windstorm they could lose the stability.
  2. One must refer to the survival guide of the Burning Man, in order to ensure safety and sustenance.
  3. One must always drink lots of water in order to remain healthy throughout the festival.
  4. Don’t move in dark and always ensure to illuminate yourself in order to prevent getting hit by the various vehicles.
  5. If you are in danger or are in any difficulty, don’t hesitate to shout loud, as the people around you are always ready with extended arm to help.
  6. Be conscious while driving.

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