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What To See in Maui

Frankly speaking, Maui turns me romantic. Whether I am alone or with by my partner, the must see Maui attractions are aptly responsible for raising a wave of emotion, the moment I behold the beautiful beaches and the endless sea. Flying over the Kahului airport brought me to the airport shuttle in Maui, too small to be named an airport. Walking out of the airport, it was the sweet twitter of the birds that welcomed me to Maui. As strong gushes of wind blew over the pretty island, pushing the cloud stead fast to cross-over, the song of the birds seemed to quaver and struggle through the tossing air. It was a sweet start indeed. A taxi from the airport dropped me to a plush resort in the Kalapali Beach. “Aloha!”- I cried out with excitement, almost charged up with emotions. The quaint surrounding of the Kanapali Beach Hotel, nestled along the shores of the Kanapali Beach, welcomed me with amiable charm and compassion. At the first instance, I well registered the vibe and the serenity of the island. Nature, architecture, glamorous markets, queer landscapes, breezy beaches, parks or even the botanical gardens — all must see places in Maui - are right here in this happy island.

May it be the market places or the beaches or more so, the dramatic twists of the roads - overhung by the hill slopes - you'll find tourists all over the island throughout the year. So, before quenching my wanderlust for the state parks or the small peaks — that partially encompasses the island - or exploring the subtle culture of the island, I hopped along the shops and the market places to look out for a fellow outlander, to strike up an interesting conversation on must see Maui sightseeings. Luxuriant shops, markets and malls galore at Lahaina, all crammed within few kilometers of the market, seems ever pulsating with boundless energy and business activities. Right from art and craft shops, garments shops, banks, galleries to restaurants serving the best delicacies and bars flooded with exquisitely made wines and alcohols, shopping in Lahaina is a diverse experience. Further impressive — as I would like to put — is the Upcountry galleries and shops, crowded with art galleries and boutique shops. As usual, being a great foodie, I first got in the Komoda Bakery, one of the must see places in Maui, and known for its tastiest baked food. It was Makawao, an upcountry paniolo town, and the Hot Island Glass, a top notch art shop that I found most appealing. Walk across the Balwin Avenue, not only to check out your favorite art shops or intricate craft work, but also to adore the rare natural view of the sea where the Haelekela Mountain meets West Maui.

Finding a fellow companion was not difficult, as I sauntered around the market places and glared at almost every curious passers — by. Accompanied by a Wisconsin tourist, the renowned must see Maui nature site, Dragon Teeth was our next foray. This unusual geological formation situated at Oneloa Bay and Honokahua Bay, took us by surprise, as Mr. Brown ( the traveler) would say, “ Wow, thats a Dragon's Teeth!”. While most of us haven't practically seen a Dragon's teeth, but the curious shapes of the fine-grained, white colored lava does take a form of enormous teeth that can be best described as a Dragon's canines. For greenery and beauty of nature, it is always the neglected Kila Botanical Garden and the Lao Valley Sate Park that fore-ran the beaches. The Lao Valley State Park, a beautiful place to hike on the green mountains overtly welcomes you to a newer land with nature's grace. The place is also a historical site that also exposes the ruthlessness of Great Kamehemahe, who directed the Maui tribesmen atop the hill and slaughtered them brutally.

Next, it was our craze to know about history that dragged us to the historical must see places in Maui and the museums. The Ho Hing Museum on Lahaina was our first attempt to dig for Maui's unique tradition. Boasting of a quintessential Chinese culture in Maui, the museum — though hardly visited by any- is a storehouse of the glorious past of the country. Whaler's Village is the next must place to see in Maui. The village, apart from being a known place for its heritage and culture, looks beautiful with long beaches and vibrant markets filled with cultural souvenirs.

And, that's not all. After this, we extensively rambled all throughout the island to check out the Wild Bottlenose Dolphins at the middle of the sea, the ethnic Old Lahauna Lau at some corner of the island and the famous Maui Ocean Center. And, indeed we'll come back again for the remaining one's.

List of must see Maui sightseeings:

  • Old Lahauina Lau
  • Maui Ocean Center
  • Ho Hing Museum
  • Lao Valley Sate Park
  • Kila Botanical Garden Dr
  • Dragon Teeth
  • Makawao,
  • Upcountry Paniolo town
  • Komoda Bakery
  • Kanapali Beach
  • Whalers Village

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